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Ghost writers have been hired mainly by the politicians or celebrities because they do not have much time to do the research work or if they had written their content they do not have time to edit and proofread it. The second reason for hiring the ghost writers is that the politicians/celebrities have content but they do not know how to frame their content for a several hundred pages book. Ghost writers have to do a lot of research work before writing the autobiographies for someone. They have to research for several months and after finishing their work they get paid as per page or share the profit of the success with the person who had hired them. A deal was made between the ghost writer and the person who hires them and the deal is over after ghost writer has finished his or her work. Mostly ghostwriting is not a permanent job. Ghost writers are hired on the temporary basis but this does not mean they do not get a permanent job. They can work for different clients as long as they want. more info >>
Antisocial network where you can be alone, tell your story, discover yourself, recall memories and emotions, keep a diary, establish your autobiography. How it works: You will have your personal page and by clicking to one of your hundred years you ll be able to write down an event, to review a week or month, to save whatever is to be remembered. Doin so you ll be able to recall whenever you want, places you have gone for holidays, what were your resolution the previous year, happy moments of the past. You ll make you autobiography (Bioselfie) and you ll give next generation the opportunity to be inspired from your uniqueness. more info >>
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