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Cancer is a terrible disease that affects many people worldwide on a regular basis. Some people fight cancer through a series of chemicals and other medical procedures. Other people opt for alternative medicine, which has helped many people survive cancer. If you are looking for an alternative to traditional medical treatments, consider alternative medicine. The website is a great place to begin. You will learn about one woman’s battle with cancer and the alternative treatments that helped her fight this disease. It’s tough to learn that you have cancer, but you can beat cancer by choosing the right type of treatments. more info >>
The official website of David Austin, author of Delivered Unto Lions, a factually-based novel concerning the traumatic experience of a 12-year-old boy admitted to a residential mental health unit in the 1970s. One day this child is a relatively ordinary schoolboy – albeit an unsettled and unhappy one – and the next he is a mental patient surrounded by violent behaviour, eating disorders, self-harm and unsympathetic nursing staff. Based on the author’s own experience as a patient in the Merrifield Children’s Unit at Tone Vale Hospital in the West of England, this novel is a subjective but faithful representation of children`s psychiatric care in that period. As such, it aims to raise awareness of a hidden world of institutional injustice and abuse in the recent history of young persons` mental health care. more info >>
Hypnotherapy Especially For You
Hypnotherapy has been used for over 4000 years to assist people to make changes they wish to make in their lives, such as overcoming fears and phobias, stop smoking, gain confidence, lose weight, reduce stress and anxiety. When you are in an altered state of awareness, which everyone does on a regular basis, the subconscious is open to suggestion and by using tone and intonation of voice, the hypnotherapist is able to guide your subconscious so that it makes the changes that you wish to make in a totally safe and comfortable environment. When hypnotised you are not "taken over" but merely in a deep state of relaxation. The therapist empowers you to make the changes that you wish to make. more info >>
HGRB Services, USA
Establish 2009 HGRB Services is a national home services agency specializing exclusively in online consulting and other useful information sharing with homeowners and homerenters who reside in the United States. The expertise is in the area of advising private home dwellers on basic, common sense strategy and tactics addressing and managing their home projects. Subsequently, HGRB Services is continually evolving in areas relative to maximal consumer awareness, protection, and guidance towards managing their home projects in the safest, most affordable ways possible. In this view the agency is one of the forerunners in its field, being a regular business, towards assisting consumers towards more awareness about the conception, initiation, supervision, completion, and post-completion agenda of each home project. HGRB Services encourages homeowners and homerenters to be more proactive in ensuring that they apply every eclectic approach necessary towards each project's success. more info >>
Exquisite and Alpha Magazines
Free publication filled with editorial and advertorial content, attracting the niche market of men and women. 5000 copies distributed all over johannesburg, through direct marketing and distribution at lifestyle ares. A 2 in 1 magazine distributed bimonthly. All issues published on the net as well as printed. Exquisite and Alpha Magazines. Follow us on facebook for latest happenings and development.Our aim is to distribute to all of S.A, creating awareness and brand image valuing status and recognition. A butterfly to show social values and freedom to express ourselves. Filled with interviews and write ups, from wine to beauty. We will capture the best of life. more info >>