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A parenting website designed by a parent/educator devoted to children, parents, teachers and caregivers providing information, tips and strategies about child growth and family development. The website is free and full of information to help anyone raising children with some of parenting`s toughest challenges. Children are the loves of our lives but they can certainly lead to stressful moments. From interacting with your newborn, potty training, family-friendly activities, kids in the kitchen, teenagers guide to dating or college preparation skills, there is plenty of information sure to provide you with insight that you just might need. Visit our website and enjoy. more info >>
Seniors Support Center
This site was created for senior citizens and care givers. This site provides free information concerning nursing homes, home care options, support for care givers. Further, this site is updated on a regular basis with new topics and articles. As a caregiver, you can find information on what signs to look for if you feel you are burning out. If you are searching for a nursing home for you or a loved one, you will learn what qualities to look for when searching for a nursing home. Also, in the section home care options, you will learn what type of home care options are available to you. Further, you will learn how to select a credible agency or caregiver. more info >>
In todays busy lifestyle we simply do not have the time to take care of our sick loved ones at home.We at mobile caregiving services take care of the patient in the comfort of their own homes,giving family members and loved ones peace of mind.The patient will also have peace of mind by not burdening their family members.Trained frienly caregivers work under supervisionand are well trained to work with sick people.They have an extensive training to take care of all the needs in the home.A caregiver can be a councillor and a cheer to the patient as they often get very depressed and unhappy.We also help with shopping,cleaning,washing and ironing. more info >>
Stuff Seniors provides clear and concise information to senior citizens and their caregivers. This information is designed to provide up-to-date information for senior citizens in areas such as Medicare, including dealing with applying for Medicare, understanding prescription drug plans, and figuring out how to pick a Medicare supplement plan. In addition, services such as cell phones for senior citizens, assistance devices such as wheelchairs, walkers and hearing aids are discussed. And finally, a constantly revised blog will keep readers informed as to the latest changes in services for seniors based upon the latest changes in the law and budgetary matters. more info >>
Alzheimers Care-Stages and Signs
While Alzheimer’s is a very dangerous and life threating disease there are many signs and symptoms that can let us diagnose and prevent it. Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia and generally affects those above 64, but can manifest before or after this range. Mental disorders have presented complex problems for patients, researches, doctors, and caregivers. Although dementia-related diseases are strongly linked with genetics, behavior and interaction have proven to be strong deterrents. Chicagoland Methodist Senior Services developed a complete line of dementia-related support services to ensure the total health and satisfaction of our residents and their families. more info >>