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Why the world should save petrol The world tells you there is no petrol left, the world tells you the air is polluted and the world begs you to change what you are doing. Why does no one act? Why should we? We open our door, the air is fresh, we get in our car and drive 300 meters and get premium unleaded petrol. The world lies to you; there is no hurry, no urgency. If someone tells you to move house because it is full of ants, but you have never encountered an ant in your lifetime, would you move? no. Humans don't respond to global issues, we naturally find the red wine stain on the carpet far more agonizing than starving children and raging bush fires. We are ingrown; simply put, yet when provoked we can do great things. If you tell a man that it will cost 4.5 billion dollars a year to prevent aids, he wont bat an eyelid; if you tell a man for $14 a year he can save a young boy without a father from aids, he takes interest, you tell a man for $14 a year he can prevent his own family from getting aids, his wallet will be open in seconds. In order to provoke action in humans we must pay attention to the effects to their surrounding family and community. Fuel consumption is increasing at an incredible rate; I could begin to delve into irrelevant facts about the global fossil fuel industry but that would undercut the purpose of this article. What happens to you, the consumer? As demand for petrol increases, price increases, as price increases, you work harder and longer to get from A to B via C. The harder we must work to survive the greater our energy needs are, we have less money and less energy. We are stressed. I was told recently that a recent survey of European nations said that 72% of consumers experiencing high levels of stress eat almost twice as much chicken as consumers with little or no stress in their lives. This is because chicken is a fast and reliable 'fall back food', if you are under pressure and someone asks you what are we having for dinner, you wont say satay pork, won tons or bacon and riccota quiche; you say chicken. Irrelevant? Chickens are female. They contain large quantities of estrogen. More stress, less money, less energy and more and more feminine everyday. These are the results of less crude oil in the earth. Don't bother with air quality or completely running out. If we run out everyone runs out; humans have a bizzare theory that as long as every one is in the same boat it doesn't matter whats going on. You want to know more, you want to expand beyond the stereotypical theories that fail to stimulate your interest. Be enlightened and become more efficient. more info >>
Redhill Gates & Fences
We make made to measure wooden garden products in soft wood and hard wood such as gates, fence panels, garden planters, pergolas, archways, rabbit hutches, chicken coops, duck houses, dog kennels, animal runs, small bridges, bird boxes, stable doors, small sheds and much more. Everything is hand made to your requirement we also do bespoke so you can have a truly unique item for your garden. We also hang gates, do fencing, decking, erect sheds, wooden stables, field shelters, garden clearance and much more. If you have a job that needs doing in your garden give us a call on 07944974440. more info >>
Hen Tracker online chicken egg production monitor
Hen tracker is a first of its kind chicken egg production tracker. By visiting every day and inputting how many eggs you have collected you will build a history which you can then look at in reports complete with graphs. Hen Tracker will also track your expenses and income related to your chickens. You will also be able to join our growing community of poultry enthusiast and backyard farmers. You will be able to share and see pictures of chickens and chicken coops. get helpful advice and tips. Plus members get exclusive access to our chicken coop plans. What are you waiting for visit Hen Tracker today. more info >>
The authentic Hungarian paprikash
Paprikash is our Hungarian dish, easy to cook and tasty. The main and only spice in it is the paprika, the soul of the most popular Hungarian dishes. Here you will find a gossip about how this tasty powder did enter Hungary, and how today this simple but unique paprikash tends to loose his spicy, unhealthy and tasty charakter and to become a healthy, tasteless common stew. You will be imressed of the long list of health benefits of the paprika. And as a bonus, you will learn how to make easy way the dumplings which are the best with a paprikash. more info >>
Great recipes to treat your family! You will enjoy cooking and you will always be successfull as all our recipes are tested and give tastefull results which everybody will enjoy. Just choose one recipe and try it and it will allow you to travel into the great tastes! You will find recipes which everybody will enjoy. Our website has great recipes such as sokolatopita, greek salad, banana cake, roasted chicken, cream caramel, great soups recipes, etc. The cooking instructions included will guide you into a perfect results that everybody will enjoy and will be thankfull to your personal efforts. Just make sure to follow the instructions and use the ingredients as mentioned in the recipes and you will be sure for the result. Enjoy! more info >>