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Keeping kosher isn’t always easy. Keeping kosher becomes even harder when it comes to coffee. Most cafes and grocery stores do not carry kosher coffee. Yet, in order to keep a kosher home, all items that are consumed within a home must be certified kosher. Kosher coffee has been inspected and prepared inside of a kosher facility. In order to pass inspection, kosher beans must be thoroughly inspected by a rabbi or a kosher company. Coffee that has been certified kosher will have a recognizable kosher label on the front or back of a coffee bag. Roger’s Gourmet Coffee and Tea Market carries different kosher coffee products including Café Jerusalem gourmet kosher coffee beans. more info >>
Ganoderma (red mushrooms) Health Products
Our website is full of information about the Ganoderma mushroom. Being an authorized DXN website, we are an independent distributor. We have pages and pages of information on Ganoderma, which is also called Reishi and Lingzhi. Unknown to many but known by scores this red mushroom has a long history in health. There are many benefits to becoming a regular user of Ganoderma. We offer how Ganoderma can help you prevent illness and make you have more vim, vigor and vitality. What you can find besides page after page of information is also a store to purchase Ganoderma in many different applications. You can also learn how and why you might want to become a distributor yourself. You can purchase products with the Ganoderma mushroom at a discount price or start your own home business more info >>
Fire screens, companion sets, log holders
Countystyle...On line store offering products and accessories for home, garden and fireplace. The range includes fire screens made from stainless steel and heat resistant tempered 8mm glass. To store the logs for your fireplace you can choose from a range of log buckets and holders finished in stainless steel, black or anthracite. For those concerned about our precious planets we have an eco range with products for kitchen and garden all made from recycle vending machine coffee cups. These recycled products offer a look and feel similar to natural slate at a fraction of the cost, with a fraction of the carbon footprint. more info >>
Find Me Bed: Home
Safe parking, 3 x self catering or catering units available. We offer you a wonderful stay in Port Elizabeth. Our Backpackers can accommodate up to 100 people at a time, but no matter how big the group, we will find you alternative accommodation guaranteed. Units, Private Rooms and Dorm Rooms available at the best prices. Within walking distance to shops, resturants, parks, museums and coffee shops. Long, short term stays. Working teams welcome. Month to month rates also now available. Day tours or tours, tour guides can be arranged. Rental cars, scooters available. Kite surfing lessons available. Surfers welcome. Child friendly. more info >>
Franchise Connect India is India`s fisrt online franchise Directory, we help out the Indian Franchise Brands to expand in the market through various ways and means, we are one stop solution for all of your franchise needs, till date franchise connect India helped more then 450 People to grow and opt for the Franchise Business in India. We create the franchise & Retail Brands in India, we help them to grow from one to many, we have worked with McDonald in india, KFC, Pizza Hut, Costa Coffee, Caffee Coffee day, US Pizza, Moti Mahal Deluxe and there are lot Many Brands in Market. more info >>