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Art is everywhere that you look. Some people believe that art must come in the form of a painting, but this isn’t necessarily true. There are many different types of art ranging from sculptures to modern art collaborations. The best way to explore the world of art is to visit as many galleries as you can. You can also take the time to view different types of art. No matter where you go in the world, art is sure to be the one thing that you will always find. The Netherlands is one part of the globe that is filled with different types of art. From unique paintings to creative glass works, the Netherlands is sure to evoke an art experience that you won’t soon forget. more info >>
At Rose Medical our mission is to create affordable speech therapy software and tools that are reliable and simple to use. In collaboration with the University of Kent we have developed icSpeech, a modular system that allows the synchronised measurement of the following speech parameters: Oral airflow Nasal airflow Respiration Tongue movement Larynx function Lip movement Speech outcome In addition, audio playback provides accurate identification of the recorded speech data, and synchronised video input enables simultaneous use with established speech imaging techniques. The system can be used for speech therapy with easy to interpret biofeedback displays, or for speech assessment using defined protocols. The facility to save, retrieve and print your results is provided and comprehensive on-line help guides you through the process. Major benefits of icSpeech include: Synchronous measurement. All of the above parameters are recorded simultaneously, allowing the co-ordinated measurement of the main articulators. The ability to view or listen to the resultant speech outcome is also supported. Modular design. Enables you to customise the system to meet your clinical needs and budget. Start with just a microphone and the FREE software then purchase additional modules as and when required. Flexibility. Plugs directly into virtually any Windows® PC or laptop, eliminating the need for specialised computer equipment. Ease of use. Designed specifically for use in a busy clinical environment with focus on usability. Efficiency. Reduces the need to learn and maintain multiple instruments since everything is available in a single system with a consistent look and feel. Data accessibility. Keep your clinical data in a central place rather than distributed over several systems. Simplifies data management and backups. more info >>
This website discusses the use of SAP in an attempt to reduce inventory, improve service level targets and demand forecasts. In addition, this site explains how to streamline material movements, and better manage fulfillment. This annual collaboration of SAP and SAPinsider is a must-attend event that you will not want to miss out on. Teams that are looking to optimize supply chain processes will benefit enormously from this opportunity and will gain knowledge that will help them in their future business processes. Join us in Orlando, Florida in March or Paris, France in April to participate in this unique educational event. more info >>
This event will enhance product innovation and educate teams on a variety of subjects pertaining to integration. After this event, those who attended will be able to effectively speed time to market, capture product innovations, and bolster collaboration between engineering and R&D. This annual collaboration of SAP and SAPinsider is a must-attend event for all teams who are looking to manage resources and integrate the product development portfolio. Do not miss out on this amazing opportunity to enormously benefit your business and boost your business processes. Join us in Orlando in March or Paris in April for this unique educational event. more info >>
We encourage you to join us in this amazing event that will allow you to essentially reinvent your business and enhance all practices. SAPinsider and SAP bring Financials 2011 to Las Vegas on March 8-11, 2011. Experts from independent consultancies, SAP, and leading SAP customers will present on SAP functionality for financial activities. Topics that these speakers will cover include Financial Accounting and Controlling (FI-CO), SAP General Ledger, closes and consolidations, and budgeting and reporting, and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). This annual collaboration of SAP and SAPinsider is a must-attend event for teams looking to optimize on financial activities within their businesses and other business practices essential to success. more info >>