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You may not have to go to school to become a computer expert. Really! We can offer you any tutorial on any topic that you need to know about. In fact, that’s what we do best. We have many free tutorials that you can take advantage of. All you have to do is visit our website to learn more about the tutorial that you’re looking for. When it comes to technology and computers, don’t waste your money by attending a college. Instead, simply grab a free tutorial off of our website. We’re ready and waiting to teach you all you need to know! more info >>
Are you looking to date or just meet someone special in Canada? Then stop by our site, Date a Canadian. Here you will find a vast database of Canadian men and women looking for just the same thing. Best of all, our site is free to register. Our site offers many ways to find your perfect match. From zodiac signs to a zip code and almost everything in between makes it easy and fun to find that special someone. Not sure what to search for? Then try our Matchmaker tool. This tool can help you find that harmonious man or woman. Ever wanted to write your own dating blog? Then this is your one stop Canadian site. more info >>
Do you ever get bored with the same old Windows cursors? Ever wish your website had a little more color to it? Then you have stopped at the right site. At Mishu’s Graphics, our site has a large database of cursors, graphics, borders, and many other Windows or web gems. Best of all they’re free. Mishu offers left and right handed cursors along with a resource of Celebrity cursors. A unique variety of web enhancing graphics can get you started on creating a beautiful web-page. Included in these are buttons, borders, bars, bullets, and wallpapers all free and easy to download. Mishu also has a resource providing help to install your new cursors. Stop by now and get started on your dream Windows or web design. more info >>
AT P.H.S. (Peru Hosting Systems), our company is dedicated to helping you with all your web needs, be it Linux or Windows. Our company, based out of Dallas, Texas, has more than 10 years experience with domain hosting, e-mail service, and databases. We are a part of the IDC Logic group that has seven years experience in great web service. What sets us apart from other web hosting companies is our service experts and our state of the art data center. Why is this important? Having the fastest connections and the most trustworthy equipment will provide your company with the ability to make the most money possible. With our easy domain search, find out if the name you want for your server is available. P.H.S. has a unprecedented knowledge of Linux and Windows servers. This helps us filter all that unwanted incoming mail, while always putting through the most important emails so you never lose that important client. Our technicians always create websites that are easy to find and use. Helping your business make as more money by the way of more clients. more info >>
The Integrated Solution Group as been providing custom software for businesses since 1993. At I.S.G., our goal is to find the best technology solutions for your company at the lowest cost. By providing software solutions our software developers will help your business get the most out of e-Commerce and web based sales. This is important in an ever changing market. One that is being open up to world wide sales instead of just local. Our developers can create web based solutions on their own or work side by side with you depending on your needs. I.S.G. not only offers software solutions. We also offer stand-alone and web based databases for your company to help you keep up to date with all your business information. For all your software and web based needs, let I.S.G. be your partner. more info >>