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Based out of India, Sigmatec Electronics provides high quality industrial electronic equipment to our customers all around the world. With eight years of experience behind our team leaders, our company strives to continue advancing in the technological world. Through hard work and perseverance our engineers maintain the highest level of product. At Sigmatech we believe that having the latest and state of the art facilities to accommodate our customers isn’t just a requirement, but a must. Our company provides the manufacturing of almost any industrial electronic need at the lowest price, while never fracturing quality. We are also an authorized dealer and trader of the world’s finest electronic equipment. For all your industrial electronic needs, the Segmatech family is here for you. more info >>
DAD's Poker Night Casino Party Rental
Ever have a night with of playing cards and wished the casino would come to you? Then Dad’s Poker Night is the place you have been looking for. Our company provides a surreal casino environment straight to your home or party. We list our prices on our site so that there isn’t any guess work. DPN also offers the highest quality setups. This means that all of the equipment necessary for your poker night is included with the price listed. With all the equipment provided we don’t stop there. Our events include a casino trained and qualified dealer. Dealing in the games of Blackjack, Poker, Texas Hold’em, and other games we provide the best casino experience direct to your home. more info >>