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Few things will make your front or back yard as colorful as a wind spinner. When the wind picks up, wind spinners start spinning. If you choose a spinner that has a nice design, the design you select will light up the entire space around your new spinner. Decorating your yard is as simple as choosing a wind spinner that you like. 3D Wind Spinners is a website that sells 3D wind spinners. These wind spinners feature wonderful 3D designs that truly stand out. When you want to add a personal touch to your yard, think about purchasing a wind spinner. more info >>
Furniture Shop Varna is one of the top online furniture and interior decorating stores in Bulgaria. Delivering and installing furnishings, lighting, accessories, garden and art installations and other decorating and design implants throughout Bulgaria, Furniture Shop Varna specializes in offering luxury and budget interior design products and services at an excellent price. Furniture Shop Varna creates original furniture to the clients tastes, needs and budget. At, you can view portfolio samples of Furniture Shop Varna’s work, including decorated, designed and furnished living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms and other rooms. From contemporary to classic, Furniture Shop Varna creates custom masterpieces for every space in your home or business. more info >>
Beat the boom and bust of retail holiday decoration pricing and save by shopping for all of your decorations, lights, seasonal party favors and more at has an ever expanding selection of holiday goods, quality decorations and quality novelty items for your home or business. From special occasions to national holidays, will help you distinguish yourself from the next door neighbor while saving you money. Shop year round for energy saving LED lights, fun and quirky party decorations and more. Want to do something really special? Check out decorating ideas and guides for some inspiration. more info >>
At Philippine Interior Design, our site is dedicated to providing do-it-yourself people with knowledge on how to create the perfect room. Our site has resources on how to decorate your rooms in an Asian style atmosphere. We have sections for all of your house rooms: bathroom, kitchen, dining room, living room, and bedrooms. Along with these resources and knowledge we provide pictures to base your design off of, or to get you started in your own direction. P.I.D. also has a section on Feng Shui design. This is an ancient Chinese belief that how you position items in your household can effect your ‘energy’. Not a D.I.Y. person? Not a problem. We have resources to Filipino contractors and also offer our own interior design contractors. Have your own design already? Send us you picture and perhaps we’ll use your design with your name on it! more info >>
Sculpture Info is your one stop resource for all your sculpturing needs. Our site offers sculpture news and info from all over the world. This will keep you up to date in techniques and tools used to create your brilliantly designed sculpture. Our large resource of sculpting stores will help you get started on finding the right tools and materials to get you started on your masterpiece. Check out our online store of completed sculptures to decorate your home or office. If you are having artist block and just need an idea for a sculpture, then look no further. Sculpture Info provides you with a database that is sure to have everything you need to know about sculptures. more info >>