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New Orve, an Italian based company, we provide top notch debt collection, legal assistance, call centers, and commercial information for your company. In today’s society we understand that it can be a wicked market. Sometimes people or companies do not want to own up for the service you have provided them. That is where we come in. We provide stern and professional service to get those debts collected. Our company also provides well organized and highly trained call centers and commercial information to help your company be taken more seriously in the service department. Since we excel in both debt collection and service we have come across the legalities of this business. Our company provides an experienced knowledge base when it comes to legal advice. For all your business collection and information needs, stop by today at New Orve. more info >>
Does you or your company need a secure resource on identifying employees or clients? Live Scan Sacramento has your answer. Our family run business created Live Scan Sacramento to answer the growing demand for live scan fingerprinting machines at a cost effective rate. Our live scan machines will provide your company with a secure line to the Department of Justice, FBI, and the Child Abuse Central Index to quickly identify people. The whole program only takes moments to process the fingerprints of interest for a fast and effective process. We tailor to companies in and around Sacramento for all your fingerprinting scanning needs. Live Scan Sacramento also provides mobile scanner to larger companies for easy access. For all your live scan fingerprinting needs, check us out today. more info >>
Having your own IT department is certainly handy. These experts can help you handle complex technical dilemmas, and IT professionals are always on call. There’s just one problem: hiring a number of people to act as IT support can be very expensive. We have a solution to this problem. We offer a complete IT company under one roof. What’s even better is that we do not need to be located inside of your building, so you don’t have to pay our team an hourly wage. Take a moment to look at our website. You’ll see that we offer many IT advantages without the high price tag! more info >>
Client Protective Services, Inc. (CPS) provides uniform security guard services throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. In Virginia, the Department of Criminal Justice Services regulates and grants licenses to all security companies. All companies must be insured and provide proof of eligibility before a license can be issued. All guards employed must be properly trained by a state approved training facility and undergo a background check before they may be employed. All guards with our company meet and exceed the minimum requirement set forth by the state. We also provide discreet private investigation services for civil and domestic cases as well as private civil process services. more info >>