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Thesaurus by definition - a dictionary with an unlimited selection, that is including all the words that met the originator of the available sources. Moreover, the number of sources can also go to infinity, including the linguistic works, dictionaries, literary works, recordings of speech and other materials. Recently, under the influence of the English term for `Thesaurus` increasingly began to understand synonyms. However, the primary meaning of the term - `treasure` that is, tending to the completeness of collection of information about all the words of the language (including their interpretation, the use and translation into other languages). The main purpose of the linguistic project of the Academy of the Full Moon - creating a vast database of structured vocabulary, which can serve both for the study of specific languages, as well as for studies of language in general. more info >>
Educational Resources Catalog
The catalog presents an analysis of educational resources, posted on the Internet of interest to the school. The book presents more than 1,000 Internet resources, including official sites of the federal and regional education authorities, federal and regional information and education portals, sites, educational media, electronic versions of encyclopedias, dictionaries and reference tools for developing electronic educational resources and support for remote learning resources for students. The largest number of submitted Internet links devoted to main subjects of the program of basic and secondary (complete) general education. The publication includes guidelines for working with the catalog. Directory is addressed primarily to teachers and specialists of general secondary education. However, the educational resources that are referenced in the catalog will be useful for students, applicants, parents and all those who show interest in the development of the modern school. more info >>
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A free online dream interpretation website to help you discover the hidden meanings behind your dreams. Explore the dictionary with over 5600 meanings to choose from or search keywords for specific symbols. The site also has a message forum, a blog, and a dream enhancement support. If you still can't figure out the meaning of your dream then you can get a paid dream analysis by a professional interpreter. Unlike other dream interpretation websites, is focused on finding correlations between people's dreams and their waking lives. Try it out for yourself and see what your dreams are telling you. more info >>