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Have you ever wanted to get out of that big city living, but don’t want to go to far from the city? Then visit us at Forest Ridge. Our community is located in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, just outside of Tulsa, on more than a 1000 acres. At Forest Ridge our community offers some of the finest living experience to meet any budget. Our 18 hole golf course located on the grounds can get you started off. Not a golfer? Then enjoy the communities extensive trail, Olympic size swimming pool, grand meeting facilities, and it’s many lakes throughout. Forest Ridge’s site aims at helping the customer with the most information available. With tabs to find out everything about our community, stop on by and get started. more info >>
Based out of India, Sigmatec Electronics provides high quality industrial electronic equipment to our customers all around the world. With eight years of experience behind our team leaders, our company strives to continue advancing in the technological world. Through hard work and perseverance our engineers maintain the highest level of product. At Sigmatech we believe that having the latest and state of the art facilities to accommodate our customers isn’t just a requirement, but a must. Our company provides the manufacturing of almost any industrial electronic need at the lowest price, while never fracturing quality. We are also an authorized dealer and trader of the world’s finest electronic equipment. For all your industrial electronic needs, the Segmatech family is here for you. more info >>
China PVC(UPVC) Windows and PVC(UPVC) Doors manufactory
At Fujian PVC Windows and Doors factory we strive to be the world’s leader in PVC products. Our company offers a wide variety of uses for PVC including: pipe, doors, windows, fences, and other applications. The factory, located in Fuji is 20,000m²(200 acres) and has state of the art facilities to produce the highest quality PVC without losing production power. Our industry leading machinery and workers allow us to produce the best product possible. You will find Fujian PVC products in many places around the world. We invest a lot of the money we make right back into our company. This ensures that we will always have the most up to date technology and knowledge for years to come. For all your PVC needs come check us out. more info >>
U Save On Electric - Power-Save 1200
With global warming becoming more of a problem, electric bills seem to increase every year. That is where our site comes into play. At U Save on Electric, we offer the Power Save 1200, 3200, & 3400. This simple and easy to install box goes right next to your breaker panel. What does our system do you ask? Great question. The Power Save box helps to regulate volts that come into and through the facility you are powering. When power is needed from inside it gets it from a transformer somewhere outside. When this happens a slight power surge is produced thus heating up wires and appliances inside, costing you more money. Our box helps to regulate this stream of power when it enters the breaker. The Power Save Box also acts as a surge protector eliminating your need for expensive surge protectors. Start saving hundreds of dollars on your electric bills and visit our site. more info >>
At Perfect Playing Cards, we have brought innovation to the card deck. Our company has produced an idea for new age playing cards. Your own art on your playing cards. Why is this is a good idea? With years of research in designing cards we believe that personality is what brings a card to life. Having your own personalized cards deck at a game can set you apart from other cards games. Printing your company logo on your playing cards can promote your company while enjoying playing cards. Whatever you can design we can print onto a playing card. With different stacks of cards, we ensure you to have a unique playing deck at your hands. We are the only company in Asia that has the ability to do all the stages of producing card decks in a single facility. This is important in keeping quality at its highest while maintaining low costs. Get started today designing your own card deck for personal or business use. more info >>