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Janitorial Cleaning and Paper Supplies
Janitorial cleaning and maintenance supplies and equipment: cleaning and disinfecting products as well as green, environmentally friendly products; A group of hydrogen peroxide based green cleaning products by EnvirOx that clean as well or better than traditional cleaners and at the same time disinfect; large selection of paper products; toilet paper and paper towels; dispensers for paper and cleaning supplies; Floor care supplies for hard surface floors as well as equipment, such as scrubbers and burnishers, and products to maintain them; Carpet cleaning supplies that clean and disinfect using cold water, as well as equipment, such as scrubbers and extractors, for cleaning carpets; trash and garbage cans and bags and can liners available in a variety of sizes; A large selection of mops, brooms, and sponges/scrubbers; multi purpose and green multi purpose cleaners as well as cleaning supplies for specific areas; dishwashing (such as Joy and Dawn) and sanitizing products for restaurants and home; laundry supplies including name brands such as Tide; Janitorial Supplies for every area of the home or commercial establishment. Also, a carpet cleaning service in the NW Indiana and Chicagoland area. We participate in bid situations for schools and government facilities. more info >>
Offering carpet cleaning, maid service and office cleaning for residences and commercial organizations in Northern Virginia and Washington DC. Carpet cleaning services include steam cleaning, flood damage mitigation, stain removal, pet odor control and special treatments. Maid cleaning includes not only vacuuming but cleaning all appliances, dusting and removing garbage. Commercial cleaning includes not only offices but churches, day care centers, night clubs and restaurants. We can use special non allergenic cleaners for customers with special requirements. Smart Choice Cleaning does all this with a fleet of trucks. The truck mounted steam cleaning systems also deliver hot water for tile and grout cleaning and upholstery cleaning. more info >>
Leaking taps, blocked drains & sewers, burst pipes and any other type of plumbing problems take toll on the hygiene of nearby areas. Continuous flow of water generates extra moisture, which invites dangerous germs and bacteria. Moreover, mosquitoes or fungus can grow where the water remain stagnant. Thus, most of the people are highly conscious about the plumbing issues, and hence, stock up their home with the chemicals, which keep pipes clean and free from debris & garbage. It is okay to use these products, until they can sort out the problem. However, if problem is dreadful then, it is advisable to take the professional help before it worsened. Problems like gas leak detection, gas pipe repair, gas fitting, gas connection installations are only allowed to be handled by licensed gas plumbers. Getting these issues fixed by the plumber, who is not the licensed, is illegal. Good plumbers not only offer simple services such as leaking shower repair, leaking taps, pipes, hot water system repair but also do complex jobs such as fixing a leaking toilet, remodeling or renovation of kitchen, bathrooms, cleaning of blocked drains, etc. For the complex plumbing issues like leaked sewer system, professional plumbers carry all necessary equipment to fix the issue in a way that the chances of its repetition get reduced. more info >>
The Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Franchise has always been proud to serve it's great customers.The benefits of working with our plumbing and heating professionals will make you one of our many loyal customers. With our professional, punctual and trustworthy technicians, you will be happy you chose Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for any and all of your home or commercial needs. The technicians will also thoroughly explain the problem and offer the best solution to meet your needs. Our reasonable, straightforward pricing will come as a comfort when compared to our competitors. We provide reward programs, coupons and special deals to incentivize new customers and look forward to seeing you. more info >>
Histolines is an attempt to combine wikipedia and facebook, as if grand man throughout history like Napoleon, Augustus, Lincoln and Dali Lama had a social network account where they ranted about their day to day events. Such information is stored in all sorts of historical books and websites and histolines combines them in one well organized timeline. It is impossible for any one person to post all of these events so histolines lets anyone add life events to its timeline. To prevent garbage one can only post certain event types like birthdays, death dates, marriages, battles etc. and we control who gets their name into it by letting people vote. We also account for significance and accuracy of historical events. Histolines brings a brand new perspective to observing history; it allows the user to look at events in any period of time any geography for any collection of people. Users can look up where the events happened on a map and upload pictures of the events and find further detail from the events references list. more info >>