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Mathematics - the science of quantitative relations and spatial forms of the real world. In close connection with demands of technology and science supply quantitative relations and spatial forms, which is studying math, is constantly expanding, so this is a common definition of mathematics is filled with all the rich content. A clear understanding of the independent status of mathematics as a special science became possible only after the accumulation of large enough factual material and first appeared in ancient Greece. Development of mathematics up to that time naturally attributed to the period of inception of mathematics. During these first two periods of mathematical research deal almost exclusively with very limited stock of basic concepts that have arisen even in the very early stages of historical development in connection with the most simple requests of economic life. The first task of mechanics and physics could still be met by the same margin of the basic mathematical concepts. In 17th century new demands of science and technology forcing mathematicians to focus on creating methods to mathematically study the motion, the process of changing variables, transformations of geometric figures. With the use of variables in analytic geometry and the establishment of differential and integral calculus begins during math variables. Further extension of the quantitative relations and spatial forms, he studied mathematics, has resulted in the early 19 century. The need to treat the process of expanding the object of mathematical research deliberately setting himself the task of a systematic study with a rather general point of view of the possible types of quantitative relations and spatial forms. more info >> is pleased to present a new range of math and geometry games for kids. Now your kids have one more reason to have fun while learning. is looking at covering factual events through gaming to give your kid a holistic perspective while having fun. Have Fun on Y9 Games on are Flash games designed by several unique artists the world over. gives these game creators the exposure to you through ethical means only. Please do feel free to take a look at our exquisite line up of flash games the games are ranked basis several players opinions and factors through an intelligent system we`d like to call Y9i intelligence. more info >> attempts to cover in depth all math subjects such as algebra, basic algebra, arithmetic, calculus, geometry and other math subjects in detail. All the essential concepts, theories and formulas are discussed and explained in detail. For the student to thoroughly comprehend all the basics, numerous problems are solved on each concept or formula. Every math lesson falling under any math subject is taken up for detailed explanation. School and college students can study all math subjects from the website. Math glossary is provided for a brief, short and quick recap of all the important concepts coming under each math lesson. Before every math lesson, students are provided with a special invitation to go through each math lesson link in brief. Another option they have is to directly go the specific math lesson if they wish to skip the terse and the quick overview of all the math topics in every math lesson. The outstanding attraction of the math website is comprehensive coverage of all math subjects studied in schools and colleges with all the essential concepts, formulas, basics explained in minute detail. more info >>
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Dave Celestian has been a comedian since he was 4 or 5 years old entertaining his three cousins up in Syracuse, NY. He was doing standup comedy in front of his classmates in his geometry class in 10th grade when the teacher had him go up and mock the teacher. Dave pursued the traditional making money path and got a degree in engineering and began working in that environment for 7 years. After that he ran his own painting company in Florida for 10 years until taking off for New York City to pursue comedy fulltime in July of 2008. Dave hit the open mic circuit heavily for a couple years before moving out of the city up to near the catskills. He began to work around the NE united states doing corporate and private events along with some spots at comedy clubs. He really enjoys relating to people and connecting through laughter and fun times. Dave`s purpose with comedy is to help make the world a little better place using his gift of humor. Its a Real Life Humor approach to comedy using a lot of spontaneous humor and in the moment thinking. Dave can make a custom set to suit your event corporate or private. Visit our site for more info and sample videos. more info >>