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Do you have an ambitious hobby such as treasure hunting, gold prospecting, coin collection, or metal detectors? At Metal Detecting Secrets our goal is to create a site that acts as a tree with branches as the hobby sites. We want to share as many sites that interact with these hobbies as possible. This will help people of all walks of life open up to not only a thrilling hobby, but the possibility to strike it rich. We want to be the online glossary for all of these hobbies so that we may share a wealth of knowledge and experience amongst everyone. Let us bring these hobbies together today by posting your treasure site to us. more info >>
Auction Cars | Salvage Cars
Have you ever wanted to own and drive your dream car, but can’t afford it? Looking for a new project car as a hobby? Then Salvage Cars Sale is the place you need to be. Our site is dedicated to helping people find wrecked or damaged cars to be restored. Our easy to use search will help you search by vehicle make and model, or you can view cars by U.S. state. Why purchase a damaged or wrecked car? All of our vehicles come with a certified title and are inspected to insure your car is able to be repaired. Another great reason is cost. Buying a salvaged car will cost you a fraction of a new car price. Plus salvage cars are great projects for restoration hobbyist. Salvage Cars Sale is partnered with eBay to provide you the best shopping experience possible. By being partnered with eBay we are able to offer a wide and accounted for selection of salvageable cars for customers to browse. At Salvage Cars Sale, we know we have the car of your dreams in waiting. more info >>
RC Store 'N More
RC Store 'N More is an online remote control toy and hobby shop. We carry a broad variety of rc toys, such as boat, planes, tanks and cars. Our warehouse is based in the USA and we ship worldwide. What makes our operation unique is that fact that it is 100% owned and operated by people from the USA, which allows us to deliver western style customer service and quality while supplying our remote controlled products at from Asia prices. We carry such brand name toys like Nikko, Funmaker, Rastar and Syma. If it's remote controlled, we've got it. Not only do we sell remote control, but in the future we will be selling remote controlled accessories and batteries as well. more info >>
Autograph Mall
The Autograph Mall website purpose is to provide news and information for the autograph buyer and autograph collecting as a hobby. You will also find various autographs for sale. When you start collecting bear these points in mind. Celebrity Autographs are a joy and fun to collect and canincrease in value. Your unique collection will give you great satisfaction. Celebrity autographs are very collectable both historical and current and be aware of the pitfalls associated with collecting them. Establishing authenticity is critical these days for collectors. So buyers beware. Purchase only from dealers who belong to a recognised society and check the society out, all will have a web site. more info >>
Online since June of 2008, Tropical Fish Forum is a messageboard dedicated to discussing all things related to freshwater and marine aquarium environments, from purchasing and setting up an aquarium, to selecting and properly maintaining your tropical fish and other livestock. It is tropical fish hobbyists helping other hobbyists. Whether you are a novice tropical fish hobbyist, or a seasoned hobbyist, you will find useful, practical answers and solutions to a variety of problems that you may encounter as you enjoy your fishy friends over the years. Furthermore, in the spirit of the hobby, we invite our members to share their own wisdom and insights with other Tropical Fish Forum members. Please stop by today and dive into the chat. Thanks! more info >>