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House Painting Toronto is a web resource for anyone interested in learning about house painting, and specifically to provide information to Toronto homeowners looking to paint themselves, or make an informed decision in hiring professional painters. We provide articles on painting techniques and methods, paint products, colour inspiration and style, eco-friendly considerations, and other guides and tips related to the painting industry. The site is updated regularly and our staff keeps informed on new advances in paint product technology, methods, as well as Toronto-specific information. House Painting Toronto is proud to offer relevant information to Toronto residents so that they can make informed decisions about house painting, allowing for great results both by the help of a professional, or by doing it themselves. more info >>
The Building Doctor has been established to improve understanding for homeowners and those interested in property in the potential pitfalls and problems they may encounter.It is important to identify these problems and their cause, to enable the correct remedial action to be carried out, this may be for example, through providing improved ventilation and heating to reduce the impact of condensation and black mould or injecting wall stitching ties to secure a wall and reduce the likelihood of collapse. This may be particularly important for those looking to purchase a property and or are having trouble interpreting a recently commissioned building survey report. more info >>
ABL Doors & Windows is a company based in Essex that sells doors and windows to both homeowners and large businesses. ABL Doors & Windows showcases a range of its doors and windows available for purchase on its online store. As well as providing doors, ABL Doors & Windows offers a fitting service. For customers who do not wish to use these services, ABL Doors & Windows also offers pre-hung doors. These doors are shipped with all the fittings already installed, allowing for installation the moment the door arrives. There is also a full range of Timber Windows available for viewing on ABL Doors & Windows’ website. Due to the complex nature of providing windows, ABL Doors & Windows requires customers to contact the company for pricing details. The ABL Doors & Windows website, however, does list all contact details for ABL Doors & Windows, as well as the business’ opening hours. more info >> offers stone, tile, masonry, and concrete tools by Makita, MK Diamond, Dewalt, Gemini, IMER, and Huaqvarna. Types of tools include power tools, hand tools, saws, polishers, and grinders as well as tools accessories including blades, polishing pads, cartridge assemblies, replacement parts, and saw stands. The site also offers stone care products including sealers, cleaners, enhancers, polish, scratch repair, and efflorescence removers for stone, marble, granite, travertine, slate, limestone, flagstone, tile, porcelain, ceramic, masonry, and concrete. is the online store for Bonanza Trade and Supply located in North Hollywood, CA, which is open to the public. The customer base includes professional contractors, tile installers, masons, homeowners, and DIYers. more info >>
Although our main offering is service for these homes, we also understand that some may approach it from a DIY perspective. Our hope is to develop a blog with combines these two approaches and audiences. Swimming pools can offer homeowners a vacation just steps out of their door, a source of exercise, and relaxation. Our blog focuses on the best ways to enjoy, clean, and own a pool. For many, a pool in the backyard is an integral part of a home landscape plan. To this end, we also have some useful blog articles dealing with tiles, bricks, shrubbery, and other types of landscaping to use around the pool. Finally, we have a list of pool games to entertain children, which can be especially useful during the hot summer months. more info >>