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At New Invent, the idea of our site is to answer and help with the many questions surrounding new inventions. There are so many things to consider when creating a new invention. Will you have the finances, where and how does one get a patent, legal issues, and innovation issues. We want to help answer those questions and so many more. Our site is continually expanding because the world tomorrow is getting smaller. At the moment, our site focuses, but isn’t limited to, leisurely advances. Because the world is getting smaller, there are fewer places to go and to use for that matter. Thus we believe that the leisure industry has the greatest area for advancement and innovation. If you don’t find what you are looking for on our site, we have many links to other invention sites. more info >>
Polyolefin shrink film and packaging
At Ace Products based out of India, our company excels in packaging machine manufacturing. Our company produces everything from the actual machines that do the packaging, to the materials needed to package. To ensure the highest quality product while still producing large numbers, we stick to strict inspection standards to make sure that all of our products are top notch. The Ace Products factory is also very well equipped to handle the high demands, while never reducing quality. We have some of the most highly qualified engineers working at our plant. They are always working towards the innovation of new packaging methods and machines. For all your packaging needs come check us out at Ace Products India. more info >>
At Perfect Playing Cards, we have brought innovation to the card deck. Our company has produced an idea for new age playing cards. Your own art on your playing cards. Why is this is a good idea? With years of research in designing cards we believe that personality is what brings a card to life. Having your own personalized cards deck at a game can set you apart from other cards games. Printing your company logo on your playing cards can promote your company while enjoying playing cards. Whatever you can design we can print onto a playing card. With different stacks of cards, we ensure you to have a unique playing deck at your hands. We are the only company in Asia that has the ability to do all the stages of producing card decks in a single facility. This is important in keeping quality at its highest while maintaining low costs. Get started today designing your own card deck for personal or business use. more info >>
Funny & Cool T Shirts
At Scopial, we believe that innovation and being unique can set you apart from others. That is why we have created our t-shirt printing company. Have you ever searched all around for that diverse t-shirt that no one else has, only to see it a week later on someone else? Ever get tired of the same old designs on t-shirts? Then let Scopial get you decked out in premier artist made t-shirts. These shirts are all unique and have beautiful and eye catching art printed upon them. All of our shirts are made of high quality material. We even sponsor art design contests for our shirts to ensure the best designs possible. Come check us out and we are sure to have a t-shirt that will blow your mind. more info >>
Offers news and reviews on all old and new Stihl chain saw models. Do you have a question regarding any of stihl's chainsaw models? You can have your problem or query answered within two working days by our team of chainsaw experts by simply filling in the online contact us form . If you own a Stihl chainsaw you can share your experiences by writing your own review or helping other visitors to our website by answering some of their questions. Are you in the mind for buying a new Stihl chainsaw? Read many of the reviews that we offer to satisfy your needs whether it be the ms 170 chainsaw for occasional use or the ms 880 chainsaw for heavy duty use. Either way we will make you decision more easy. more info >>