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This is a book of poetry in rhyme style, along with other writings depicting my views on life, death, love, family, spiritual and religious beliefs, happy, sad, funny, mad. An unusual, obscure and different way of seeing the human experience and the world we live in. The content of this book is easy to read, yet also written in a way that makes you want to read it over again and again. Intended to inspire, enlighten and stimulate one`s emotions and imagination. This book contains fiction and non-fiction on the creation and meaning of life as we know it. To help others realize that there is a reason and a purpose for their existence. I believe it takes time and an open mind to understand the Universe and our place in it. I hope to have created for you, a thought provoking look into your mind, heart and soul. more info >>
Quotes About Everything
This site features hand selected, high quality quotes about everything. Categories range from life, friendship, and inspiration, to humor, gambling, military, and everything in between. Each category contains many popular subcategories, for example "deep" life quotes, "short" inspirational quotes, or "funny" friendship quotes, just to name a few. New quotes and categories are constantly added, and we make sure to pull them from reliable sources. The quotes come from many famous minds, including famous presidents such as Ronald Reagan, Abraham Lincoln, and George Washington; famous comedians such as Chris Rock, Louis CK, and George Carlin; and famous philosophers such as Epicurus, Descartes, and Thomas Sowell, including many more. You're guaranteed to find the perfect quote for anything you need. more info >>
Extremely unique in delivery of the best of the best of inspirational and motivational book. Escape the the aimless life, live the dream, your dream. Achieve all you ever dream of in style, your style; and live to be proud of your self. All that is in you, is great. All the potential in you can be released, now is your time. Escape to the reality that is your dreams, live day in day out what you consider to be a fantasy. Unlock all that is you on your terms. The process is easy and what a book can do towards steering towards your dreams is amazing. Books are the triggers, the gun that you use to awaken the greatness that is within you. more info >>
The Power of Relationships is a true story of two South Africans who broke through the barriers of their backgrounds to form a power and productive relationship. It is told against the backdrop of the African bushveld. Experience Alex van den Heever and Renias Mhlongo`s inspirational presentation of an authentic South African relationship. Alex and Renias have traveled internationally giving their presentations, in countries like America, Australia and England. Renias taught Alex to be fluent in his language, Tsonga. They have also spent much time tracking many of the world`s most charasmatic animals, like grizzly bears, wolves, black bears, jaguars and big black mane lions. more info >>