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Order our Verdi Pitch Tuning Forks online and return to the scientific tuning of the classical composers - C=256Hz, A=432 Hz, C=512 Hz. Our brand new, aluminum, 2 pronged naturally vibrating, American made tuning forks will keep you in tune. These musical forks are also used for medical research, healing, classrooms and more. Art and science, like politics, must be complementary, and not arbitrary. Having an arbitrary pitch of A=440 is like having a ond foot long ruler at 13 inches, because it "looks" or "feels" better! For the human singing voice, and for many ancient instruments, including the very old violins, and keyboards, the modern high tuning does not take physical laws into account and is therefore disastrous. Register breaks and poetic coloration occur will be at odds with the classical composers' original intent. Order one fork or all 3 as a set. more info >>
Cool Gadgets Free Shipping Cheap Price - BuyOnMe
BuyOnMe is a Hong Kong Based wholesale online store, you could also drop ship with this online store. It provides cool gadgets at cheap price with free shipping service, including cell phone & accessories, electronic gadgets, home & office products, USB gadgets, LED gadgets, Memory Card, life style gadgets, health & beauty products, pet supplies, pad & locks, kitchen gadgets, computer & accessories, security gadgets, decoration & tech gadgets, networking products, keyboards & mouse, fans & webcams, game accessories, toys, clothing and other hard-to-find products. All staff are at dirt cheap price, even cheaper than or Amazon. BuyOnMe also has many coupon code to save your money. more info >>
JP Excel Training Files - books written in Excel
Learn Microsoft Office Excel in a unique e-book about Excel. The "JP Excel Training Files" are a comprehensive book about Excel written in Excel. There are two versions, one written in Excel 2003, the other in Excel 2007. They both explain all of the menu, toolbar and ribbon commands, keyboard and mouse shortcuts and have a comprehensive explanation about formulas and functions - and a fully hyperlinked Table of Contents. Clicking on any item in the Table of Contents takes you directly to the selected section, regardless which of the seven workbooks it is in, or which worksheet in that workbook it is on. Also on the web site are some example Excel workbooks. Check the Free Downloads page to see what's available. more info >>
Our advance keylogger software quietly records every keystroke that is pressed into the file and stores on the hard drive.Software facilitates customers with risk free Keyboard Keylogger Software services developed by our specialist technician and graphical designer that help to monitor overall system activities executed on PC in your absence. Company provides free software demonstration facility for the users to easily understand and evaluate the functionality of our products. Our main motto is provide to best comprehensive and trustworthy software services which is capable to monitor and record keyboard typed activities in a hidden password protected encrypted log file. more info >>
Easy to operate keylogger free downloads program runs easily under all windows environments which includes windows 98, XP, Vista, 7 etc. Efficient free keylogger program assists in parental monitoring of child when parents are away from home on work. Cost effective keylogger download software allows user to find out what his family members do on his computer when they are sure of being not watched. Highly optimized keylogger free software clearly displays login session details and total keystrokes made in the current session. Simple and secure spy software application facilitates user to send key logging information captured to user defined email address. more info >>