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Pensacola Tree Care, a part of Mark Taylor Construction, is Western Florida’s leading tree care and removal experts. Our company provides a highly trained staff that are always safe and courteous. PTC specializes in the pruning of and the removal of dangerous, diseased, or just in the way trees. With hurricane season right around the corner, come check out our season specials. Our company was created as a division of Mark Taylor Construction. We also do roofing and construction for all your needs. PTC is a fully insured and licensed construction and removal company in Florida. We strive to give our customer the most satisfactory and accomplished work possible, while keeping the pocketbook in mind. more info >>
If you use IBM’s Lotus Notes and are having problems accessing it, then you have come to the right place. Securase created by SysTools is the program for you. Our program can help you remove local security setting from local NSF( Notes Storage Format) files. Securase is a user friendly programs that requires little technical skills to use. This program is not a hacking tool, rather a recovery program. Sometimes when trying to enter NSF files you can get ‘not authorized’ pop-ups due to local security settings. This tool helps you open these files while maintaining their integrity. Download our demo today and find out how our software can help your company. more info >>
The city of Bangalore aka the City of Gardens, is known to be the Silicon Valley of India. With so many new technologies, jobs, and developments being created in this beautiful city, the population has exploded. With population and development on the rise, so is something else. Pest and rodent problems have become a huge problem with the fast rising city. That is where we come in. Varna Enterprises is a leading and high quality pest control firm. We excel in pest and rodent removal solutions. Varna offers solutions and even equipment for all budgets. We know that pests and rodents can be the downfall of a business. It can also be the uprising of the spreading of disease. At Varna we provide innovative ways to remove these pests from your home and office. Start feeling safer and healthier today with Varna Enterprises Pest Control. more info >>
Laser Beauty Cosmetic Treatments
In today’s society beauty has become more of a trend rather than a luxury. What else is happening is that men are becoming more aware to cosmetic uses to make their looks more appealing. At Laser Beauty we offer a pragmatic solution to help men keep that look while maintaining cost. Laser treatments are becoming more valuable today because it is an easy and pain free method of hair removal. Not having to shave that beard or other “parts” can save you time and hassle. Laser Beauty will help you get that movie or rock star look at a fraction of the cost as most cosmetic salons could. Laser hair removal provides a clean and painless alternative to having to pick, pull, uproot, or cut hair. Another advantage of laser treatment is that it takes the hair a very long time to grow back, thus eliminating the need to shave or get your hair trimmed. Laser Beauty also provides resources on other metrosexual cosmetic needs for men. Come check us out and get the look you want. more info >>
At JW Express, our company excels at door to door delivery of parcel and personal loads all across Europe. With routes running from England all the way to France and Italy, our company provides a top quality transport service. We always strive to transport your parcel and items in a timely and cost effective manner. All of our loads are packed and protected to ensure your item is transported in the utmost safe manner possible. All of our loads are insured up to 20,000 pounds. We started as a local shipping company based out of Essex, England and have expanded to a European transport company. JW Express has been transporting goods for over three years with service and safety guaranteed. more info >>