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The JBTC Institute of Management in Delhi is a leading distance education institution that allows students to earn internationally recognized degrees at their own pace. JBTC Institute of Management currently offers English spoken classes at all levels for B.B.A, B.A. degrees and B.Com. degrees in management, coaching and business, as well as other concentrations. JBTC Institute of Management also offers M.B.A level course for business graduates looking to further their career in business management and business administration. Undergraduate and graduate degrees from the JBTC Institute of Management in Delhi can give you a leg up as you pursue executive level careers at small, mid and large sized businesses or as an entrepreneur. Visit the JBTC Institute of Management in Delhi’s website for more information about course offerings, tuition and accreditation. more info >>
Any website should be updated regularly. Experts recommend updating your website at least one time per year. As with anything else, website can become old and out of date. When your site is out of date, your clients will automatically associate your business with being out of date as well – even if this is not true. The best way to make sure that your site is up to par is to hire a professional design team to revamp your site once per year. The team at is experienced and ready to make sure that your site stands out from the rest. Take a look at, and see what your website could look like. When you have a site that pops, you will gain more customers too. more info >>
Aspen Global Incorporations limited is a provider of asset protection services that help companies in all jurisdictions strategically structure their investments and holdings. Aspen Global Incorporations Limited is headquartered in Hong Kong, but provides company management and secretarial services, offshore company formation, offshore company structure consulting, virtual office services and other services that are highly sought after by international investors and multi-national corporations. Composed of a team of experienced corporate attorneys and commercial service providers, Aspen Global Incorporations Limited has the experience and expertise to effectively and confidentially protect your assets. Aspen also operates in Panama, China, Seychelles, Samoa, Belize and British Virgin Islands. more info >>
Property Management Costa del Sol, Property Services Costa del Sol
At Costa Del Sol Property Management, our company strives to help home buyers find their dream home. Located in Costa del Sol, Spain on the Alboran Sea, our properties are ensured to meet your every need. Costa del Sol is run by an English staff that has been living in Spain for 15 plus years and speaks fluent Spanish. Why does this matter? We understand that some of our customers may not speak Spanish. Our company wants to provide the highest quality sale with the least hassle. Whether you are looking for a permanent, holiday, or rental home we have all your property needs. Once the sale is done, we are not. Costa del Sol wants to make your transition to Spanish living as fluent as possible, so our services never stop. Get started on finding your dream home with us! more info >>
Addaptron Software: Stock Investing Computer Programs to Maximize Profitability
Addaptron (ADvanced DAta Processing Tron) is a company based out of Vancouver, B.C.. Our company has been creating data processing software for more than five years. We are experts at creating software that helps you make better decisions based on mass data. Our software is designed towards creating a bridge between mass data points and applicable information. The wealth of knowledge created by our software will in turn help you or your company make sound decisions in the area of marketing, management, and most of all investment. At Addaptron we understand that this is a world of numbers. Sometimes those numbers can be downright confusing. That is why we create the user friendly software that we do. We are always working to create the best and most up-to-date software available to always ensure you have the leading edge on information. more info >>