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At Bailey Blinds, we want to be your 1stopblinds shop. At Bailey Blinds we offer a wide variety of blinds fitting to the needs of your custom fit. Our site has resources on how to measure for your new blinds, mount them, and even care for them. With two stores located in Suffolk, our showrooms in Bury St.Edmunds and Brandon will surely have the blinds you are looking for. Don’t live in England? Not a problem. Bailey Blinds ships to anywhere in the world. We offer competitive prices on installation for customers in Eastern England. Want to install the blinds yourself? We have a do-it-yourself guide on how to install your new blinds. Get started on saving money or light by stopping by Baileys Blinds. more info >>
Fittocasa offers a wide range of holiday houses and apartments in Italy, listed by Owners for short or long stay. All properties are catalogues by region, province and city. Each owner can submit his property for free. Each apartment is described accurately with the aid of several images. In addition to the simple description are information on the location, services included in the rent, transport in the area. From the site you can check availability for the selected period and then contact the owner directly. Fittocasa only has the task of bringing together owners and renters without taking any preventive measures at an intermediary stage. more info >>
Premium, live guitar instruction using a high speed internet connection and webcam. Learn guitar from a industry professional, with over 25 years of experience in the comfort of your own home. I specialize in beginning/intermediate guitar instruction where a focus is on fundamentals. He or she will learn how to read basic notation, tab, and eventually more advanced technique, like scales, modes and barre chords. Curicculum is self-paced, and based on a series of books that allow the student to have a reference guide and measuring stick of their progress. Online instruction/distance learning, is gaining in popularity across the board, as technology is now progressed enough to provide high-quality video connection and interaction. I use a free service provided by Skype ( to facilitate the video call. Please refer to my website for more details. more info >>
Stiga ping pong
The game takes place on a table measuring 2.74 meters (9 feet) at 1.525 meters (5 feet). Table Height - 76 cm (30 inches). Table is usually made of particle board or similar material and painted in green, dark blue or black. Middle of the table is a grid height of 15.25 centimeters (6 inches). With the game used bats, made of wood, covered with one or two layers of special rubber on each side. Tennis ball is made of celluloid. The size of the ball - 40 mm in diameter, weight - 2,7, the ball shall be painted in white or orange. Since 2007, a different color ball in international competitions is not used. The game is played between two players or between two teams of two players. Each ends with a rally awarding one point to one or another player (team). According to current international rules, established in 2001, each game goes to 11 points, although the game to 21 points is still popular in the non-professional level. A match consists of an odd number of games (usually five or seven). more info >>
We are a small firm providing architectural services in Teignmouth and the Teignbridge area of South Devon. We mostly provide architectural building plans for home extensions and loft conversions, however we also cover both larger and smaller projects. We act as agents for Planning Permission and Building Regulations Applications. This means that we undertake all form filling and liaison with the relevent local authorities and professional bodies on your behalf. The DCF Drawing Service started in April 2007 with a fresh business model focussed on quality and economy. Many householders are choosing to extend their properties rather than relocate. We are able to facilitate realisation householder`s ideas by the employment of several simple expedients. We maintain low overheads. We use modern technology in our measuring, drawing and communication. This saves us time and allows increased quality. We navigate the bureaucracy of planning and building regulations on your behalf and provide quality drawings ready for your builder. more info >>