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We provide leagal consultation and services in Pakistan on all legal fields like family civil and commercial law. Especially we provide trademark, property and commercial legal services or pakistani and overseas. We have head office at Karachi and branch office in other cities of Pakistan. We have dedicated and well knowledge and educated and experts in the every field of law. If you have any issue in the matrimonial life or in your business or in your property then it is right place to issue and to give you legal support. All family issues like divorce, marriage and khulla to child custody and adoption in Muslim, Christan and Hindu law. As matter of property and business if you have any legal issue for transfer, staring your business, registration of the company and trademark, copy right and about tenant and landlord issue then you can contact for your redress. more info >>
This site will help visitors explore the churches mosques in the Holyland. Also you can take a tour in the holiest spot on earth for Christians Muslims and Jews alike. Learn about some of the biblical sites and walk the path of the Viadelrosa. This is a very informative site. You can also see pictures old and new for Jerusalem and surrounding eras. The dead Sea, Mount of Olives, and the Galilee. There is a special section about Bethlehem and Hebron as well. You can read poems in both English and Arabic written about the city of Jerusalem. This site is written in way that you can navigate around the historical sites in Palestine easily. more info >>
We are a wholesaler and retailer of bidet and bidet products in Canada. We carry a wide range of bidet products to meet everyone`s needs. Our bidet prices start at $39.99. We Also carry different makes and brands of bidets including high quality bidets from Korea. We have a full interactive website which includes pictures, dimensions, as well as helpful installation videos. The bidets we carry come with full instructions and parts need to do a D.I.Y install. We Ship bidets world wide and are well known in the Toronto area. We pride ourselves on Quality and professionalism. more info >>
Muslim 4 Christian Dating is a great site for meeting singles locally and around the world. It is totally free membership. Im, blog, email, chatrooms, video chat, upload music, videos, customize profiles, friend list, vote, advertise and more.. Join now, It`s free. Whether you`re looking for a penpal, friendship, love, romance or marrage, Muslim 4 Christian Dating is the trendy place to be. Not only a dating site, but a Social Network for like-mined people looking for love. The site has been in operation now for almost three years. We have over 24,000 members and new members join daily. We are a small community which is growing each day. Enjoy the diversity of culture now whilst making new friends. more info >>
The time when the great Prophet Muhammad had received the knowledge of Quran, is the period which is known as the holiest Islamic occasion. The one month long traditional and ethnic Muslim festival ends with Eid Ul Fitr. Family members and friends assemble together to enjoy the occasion. Namaz or the prayer to get the blessings from the all mighty is must. Both men and women fast and children celebrate the occasion wearing new clothes. Learn the history and get to know how fasting is done strictly on this festival. Get the pleasure of it by watching the resources like wallpapers, greeting cards, recipes, Ramadan activities, craft ideas, Eid gifts, quiz and many more. more info >>