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Does your anesthesia physician company need a professional and reliable billing company? Then let Physician’s Billing Associates be your answer. P.B.A. was founded in 1984 by medical billing consultant Frema Gordan in Staten Island, NY. With years of commitment to medical billing, Frema Gordan built P.B.A. with the idea to advocate for both the patient and the client. P.B.A.’s employees attend regular seminars and classes to keep up to date in the medicare industry and the legal aspects of medical billing. This ensures that the client and patient alike are treated with the utmost respect, while still maintaining a high recovery percentage. All of our call centers are run by human operators, thus eliminating any confusion by both parties. Our understanding of the medical billing industry has helped companies recover payments in the most effective and professional manner. Let us help your office receive the payments your owed today. more info >>
Get in shape, with high-quality, reasonably-priced, fitness equipment that you will be proud to own! Ex. Ellipticals, treadmills, fitness stationary bikes, spinner bikes,recumbent bikes, abdominal machine,etc... We also offer you the opportunity to purchase The HomeSwimmer, for great swimming workouts! Swimming workouts are a great way to get it in shape which builds the body, soothes the mind, regulate breathing, and stimulates circulation. Swim workouts use almost all the major muscle groups, it can help develop strength and endurance while improving posture and flexibility. By placing vigorous demand on heart and lungs a swimming workout is also an extraordinary aerobic exercise that improves cardiovascular conditioning. Finally, with the least amount of joints stress/impact, swimming has the lowest risk of injury of all sports. Enjoy safe swimming workouts and consult with your physician to see if swimming workouts are right for you! more info >>
Do you want to be a women physician? Get support from Mommd to keep on track. Are you planning to be a woman doctor? Get support from Mommd to keep on track. Mommed gives support and information for all women in medicine. They provide you with a way to look for physician positions. Do want to know about the salaries of different women doctors? Go to our site for information on becoming a nurse. Are you looking for nursing jobs? Do you want the highest salary as a doctor? Come to our site and get medical student information. Do you want to be a women doctor? Come to our site now. more info >>
A Guide to Addiction and Recovery
Recovery Addiction Expose, A complete Guide to Addiction and The means to recover from addiction. Addiction and recovery from them require that you actively seek help from a source other than yourself. You may want to start by consulting with your an addiction counselor. This is a good place to start since it will be important to access your emotional and your physical behaviors as they are related to your addiction. Also the disease and conditions that are attributed to these addiction is covered in detail as well as STDs. Addiction has many faces and there are differing types of addictions, from heroin, cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine and prescription drugs. Please be advised that this site is not meant to substitute as a diagnosis or a doctor visit. Please consult with a physician. more info >>
The physician introduces Cell Therapy into damaged, inflamed, and arthritic cells by means of precise injection. This process is followed by infrared laser as well as several other modalities, including Collateral Artery Flow Exercises (C.A.F.E.), in order to accelerate the process. Typically one to six treatments are required to improve the condition being treated. The response to the treatment is gradual and it could take up to several months before the patient experiences the full affect of the procedure. Treatments can be done everyother day, making it easy for those patients traveling from out of state, or they can be spaced out to accomodate patients schedules. more info >>