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Microforum is a manufacturer of optical and digital media, including CD, DVD, Blu-ray, and USB Flash Media. Provides inhouse printing solutions and is a reliable source for quick, integrated projects. Trusted Manufacturer of DVD, Bluray, CD and USB, with full printing, packaging and turnkey services for Corporations, Publishers, Record Labels, and Entertainment Companies. Equipped with a print and bindery shop for printing of media packaging solutions and commercial printing of posters, folders, brochures, and specialty printing and packaging. Professional Integrated Programming Services for CD, DVD, Bluray, USB, Web, Mobile, and Social Applications. Microforum specializes in integrating campaigns over a variety of delivery platforms from, print and optical media to online applications. more info >>
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Venomius Books
This catalog contains many links to bookshops and libraries by Runet. For your convenience, the site contains a search form on the database for the 27 largest bookstores. You can find out the availability of books and their price simply by typing a name in the form. The website contains many links to free libraries Runet, including erotic Attention, appeared on the site search form immediately in 27 of the best bookstores. You enter the name and once you are given a list of books of all stores with the price. You can compare prices on the spot. The system can search for books by title, by author, publisher, both separately and jointly. This partnership project in conjunction with the resource more info >>
Self-Publishing A Book With True Success
Free articles and advice for self-publishing a book. Also offering coaching and online book printing services. Know what options you have before you make a decision. Vanity presses charge to develop your book. You pay the bills, and get a royalty in return that will not cover the money you put into it. Like vanity presses, on-demand publishers, have cookie-cutter packages. They will promise "distribution" that's nothing more than a listing in databases. You give up your rights and will be luck to see more than a handful of books - including the ones purchased by you. At the end of the day, you will put more money in your publisher’s pocket than your own. more info >>
The Cellar of Comics offers a wide range of comics and comic books for sale, including: X-Men, Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, Avengers, Justice League, Star Wars, Transformers, Fantastic Four, Iron Man, Punisher, Detective Comics, Action Comics, and from publishers such as DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Image Comics, and Dark Horse Comics. When you're ready to purchase, every comic that is listed on our site is in-stock and available for immediate shipping. Simply click the PayPal "Buy Now" button to purchase. We accept many forms of payment, including credit-cards (through PayPal), money orders, and personal checks. Please read the Instructions Page for further details. more info >>