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A Bristol, UK based blog, magazine and website with a focus on new music and debate. The website provides reviews of the latest pop, rock, electro and indie releases from artists around the world. Interviews with established artists also regularly feature, while insight articles and retrospectives on up-and-coming trends and topics of debate provide the backbone of the website. Meanwhile the Introducing section deals with all new music submissions sent to the site, highlighting the best new artists out there today from a UK based tastemaker who frequently collaborates with the BBC, XFM, Prince’s Trust, Record of the Day, Generator, Hype Machine and many more. more info >>
Created in 2003, YYZtech started as a website covering the then-new internet cafes that where popping up across Toronto, Canada. By the late 2000s internet cafes where on the wane so we added more news and reviews, particularly computer programming and culture books, reviewing everything from PHP and MySQL tomes to retrospectives of hacker magazine 2600 and blogging culture. 2012 brought more changes, going national with listing of computer stores, electronics, gaming stores as well as well as what had replaced internet cafes: co-working spaces and dozens of coffee shops that provided free WiFi for digital freelancers. This was also the year we went mobile. Next year we'll be expanding further. more info >>
Actual Appraisals
Our business provides residential appraisal and Commercial appraisal and consulting services. We specialize in work for attorneys and estate planners as well as providing help to homeowners for their Arizona real estate tax appeal process. Our commercial practice includes all types of commercial property, whether existing or proposed. Partial interest valuation, prospective and retrospective value date are all within our practice competency. Consulting services for developers throughout Arizona, and in particular Phoenix, Scottsdale and Tempe are available for a wide range of complex real estate appraisal, development and redevelopment projects. Consulting also includes acquisition, disposition, and portfolio valuation for retailers. Due diligence services for a multiple property types, as well as business plan writing and proposal writing. Expert witness and litigation support is also available. more info >>
Video Chums brings you unbiased video game reviews and interesting top 10 lists for new and retro video games. Our site was established back in 2014 and since then we have grown a lot. With the inclusion of content such as personality quizzes and old school game retrospectives, we know that you're bound to have a lot of fun browsing through and interacting with our site. Who knows what we'll introduce down the road? Whatever it is, it's going to be worth checking out. So, keep coming back to see all the new video game related content that we come up with. more info >>