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Andrew Brel is a London based author and Music Producer. His book `The Emergency Bouzouki Player` is set in 70`s South Africa, and is a first hand account of conscription in Africa`s longest running conflict, the Border War. Described by a reviewer as `possibly the most articulate record of the border-war years yet published` the story incorporates the personal experience of conscription, interwoven with historical context of the bitter war between the Afrikaans rulers and the Black liberation groups opposing the Apartheid regime. Andrew has written 6 best selling Relaxation Music CD`s, including `7 Bach Meditations`. Andrews songwriting output includes `The Paradise Key` which tells the story of the Human Wave attacks by Iranian children during the Iran Iraq war. more info >>
Eric Taft is an international studio engineer and musician. For 2 years he has been operating the Buzzlounge recording studio in Maryland. With over 10 years of writing, recording and mastering experience, he is the best in the business. Clients agree that Eric Taft and the Buzzlounge crew always deliver quality releases. He has worked with dozens of bands, recording artists and rappers. The Buzzlounge studio offers top of the line equipment at affordable prices. Taft is also a seasoned studio musician and offers songwriting and part writing services to give your tunes an edge of highly refined melody and musicianship. Contact Eric Taft today if you are interested in writing, recording, mixing, mastering or polishing your music. more info >>
Looking for the best place in Los Angeles, CA to take private music lessons? Give us a ring! We offer outstanding lessons on a wide variety of instruments. We provide guitar lessons, piano lessons, voice lessons, singing lessons, bass lessons, ukulele lessons, dobro lessons, mandolin lessons, drum lessons, percussion lessons, banjo lessons, guitar lessonspedal steel lessons, viola lessons, violin lessons, saxophone lessons, clarinet lessons, theory lessons, composition lessons, songwriting lessons, music software lessons, Logic Pro lessons, Pro Tools lessons, Sibelius lessons, Reason lessons and more . . . Our instructors are hand-picked pros, chosen for their outstanding teaching ability. Call us! Red Pelican 310- 893-0776 more info >>
Experienced songwriter and producer Bernd Oettinger presents his songs and services. Bernd is a singer and multi-instumentalist playing guitar, piano, bass. His services include songwriting and production of song demos for upcoming songwriters, vocalist, musicians and lyricists. Starting with an existing recording of the client`s song and additional info on the instrumenation, style and feel the clients desires for the song, Bernd will provide an offer for the professional production of the song which comes along with a little mp3 snippet of how the song could sound. If this offer is convincing, he`ll start with the production. After several feedback loops with the client the song will be finished. On the site you can compare how the songs or song ideas sounded before they were produced and after. more info >>
The Iron Heart is a hard rock band from the San Francisco Bay Area. The band is a 3 piece and the members are Thomas Fine, Joel Fennie and Justin Altamura. The trio has been playing together for over 10 years and in that time, has created a new sounds for a classic style. The band's website is and features images, info and tour dates. Known for their use of vintage music equipment, their sound is unique not only in tones but in the songwriting. The Iron Heart released their debut e.p. titled "V" in early 2014. The have shows booked throughout winter of 2014 and plan to start recording of the full length album in Early 2015. more info >>