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Symbol of My Love
This website if specially made for the people who want to gift a unique thing to the person they love. It is based on the idea of having your picture and message featured on the most famous monument of love, the Taj Mahal. All you have to do is reserve your block on the Taj Mahal and upload your pic. Once it is approved by us, you will get a unique id and your picture will appear on the monument. Please visit our website and make sure to check the FAQ page if you have any further queries. Also, like our facebook page and help us spread the love. more info >>
Cross stitching has become a popular pastime again. It is our specialty to design photo-realistic cross stitch patterns in categories such as: persons, dogs, cats, flowers, greeting cards, birds, and others. Browse our great selection either on our website or in our online shop. However, you may not find what you are looking for in our selection and you may wish to have a pattern of your own pet, a relative, a baby, your home or whatever is important to you. Converting photos into quality cross stitch patterns is our specialty. All you need to do is send us a photo and we will give you a quote. We will then edit the photo and prepare it for the conversion. In most cases, the conversion process will be around USD 30.00. In return you will get an image of the design, color blocks and symbol chart, and color keys in your choice of floss manufacturer. more info >>
The History of the Ripon Wakeman and the longest ongoing daily ceremony of `The Setting of The Watch` by the Ripon Hornblower which has taken place on Ripon market square every night at 9pm and has not been missed, not for one single night, in 1125 years. `The Setting of the Watch` dates back to the year 886 when King Alfred the Great visited the Ripon. He was so impressed by the beauty of the place and of the support he was given by the local population in his battle against the vikings decided to grant the community a Royal Charter. As it was a spontanious decision he didn`t have such a thing as a nice parchment scroll prepared, so he gave them a Horn as a symbol of the Charter. He suggested that as it was troubled times, they should appoint a Wakeman to keep watch all night, and he could use the Horn to sound one blast at each corner of the market cross at 9pm each evening, to let the people know he was now on patrol keepin watch, and they could retreat to their homes knowing full well it was safe for sleeping. Not been missed, not for one night since then. The present Hornblower since 2004 is 75 year old Mr.George Pickles. more info >>
Super Mario Bros Jeux Gratuits
After the success in arcades of the sympathetic Mario Bros featuring two plumbers Mario and his brother Luigi, here on the first NES adventure of the character that quickly became the symbol of the company Nintendo and gaming in general up `to this day. It is indeed this year that Super Mario Bros. celebrates its 25th birthday since the title was released in Japan in 1985. Attention monument in sight! Even if today Super Mario Bros is a game platform that may seem basic or technically limited, Yet it is as a cult that has revolutionized the small world of gaming. To understand why, it must be seen in the context of the time by putting himself in the shoes of such an owner of Atari 2600 (the console then in vogue) to discover the title of Nintendo for the first time. What strikes most is the quality of graphics. We are far from few sprites of four different colors on black or gray is capable console Atari. Mario and his enemies are represented in a much more detailed, and above all, the black finish! Here the sky is blue, we see very few clouds, Mario walks past the bushes, walking on a floor that seems made of earth and rock, in short, realism is pushed to its climax! Best of all: when our hero mustachioed advance the screen forward at the same time that he and the scenery scrolls in real time in the background. The thing seems quite trivial now, but this system was scrolling a small revolution in 1986. Indeed, most games so far proposed action table by table: the screen goes at once when we reached the end. more info >>