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Find best tablet PC resources like software, accessories and tablet PC drivers, Comparison, Best tablet PCs ratings, Brazos tablets PC, China tablet models and Tablet PC community and many more. Our people have been using Tablet PCs and finding solutions for customers for over 8 years. China developers (National University of Defense Technology and China Standard Software) building a new OS called NeoKylin, and it will be a challenge for Microsoft Windows platform. National University of Defense Technology and China Standard Software actually made a software for China offices and government. In the first place NeoKylin is intended to desktop computers and notebooks, but in future it will be for tablet PCs. Release date is not specified, but certainly it will be published in second half of 2011. more info >>
Completely FREE ebooks are available for your reading, entertainment and educational enjoyment. Multiple categories are available for diverse interests. Free ebook submission service is also available to you. Feel free to promote your publications in any category. PDF documents are requested. No .exe files are permitted. Image upload for your ebook cover is provided. A monthly newsletter is published to update you on new and featured publications. There has been a resurgence in the publication and downloading of ebooks as the iPad, Kindle, Knook and other reading tablets become more and more popular. Schools across the country are beginning to provide the Kindle to their students to promote reading. Amazon and Barnes and Nobles report that electronic publications are outselling printed copy. It is a sign of the times. Come on board at more info >>
Personal Photo Skins for iPhones, laptops, iPads
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