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Optimum Family Wellness
At Optimum Family Wellness our Therapeutic Counsellors assist families in building consensus around a set of shared goals and values. Our deliberate and purposeful approach helps families to achieve greater understanding, empathy, and respect for one another. We walk together with families as they move through a process of collaborative problem solving to a deeper understanding around how to build systems of lasting change. Our approach is predicated on a model of early childhood prevention that moves interventions upstream, where the opportunity for positive change is greatest. To this end we encourage families to consider the benefits of taking a proactive stance. Contact us to schedele a free consultation! In many instances there are significant legacy costs involved with delaying implementation of changes, many of which can have positive and long-lasting benefits for children and families. more info >>
At Rose Medical our mission is to create affordable speech therapy software and tools that are reliable and simple to use. In collaboration with the University of Kent we have developed icSpeech, a modular system that allows the synchronised measurement of the following speech parameters: Oral airflow Nasal airflow Respiration Tongue movement Larynx function Lip movement Speech outcome In addition, audio playback provides accurate identification of the recorded speech data, and synchronised video input enables simultaneous use with established speech imaging techniques. The system can be used for speech therapy with easy to interpret biofeedback displays, or for speech assessment using defined protocols. The facility to save, retrieve and print your results is provided and comprehensive on-line help guides you through the process. Major benefits of icSpeech include: Synchronous measurement. All of the above parameters are recorded simultaneously, allowing the co-ordinated measurement of the main articulators. The ability to view or listen to the resultant speech outcome is also supported. Modular design. Enables you to customise the system to meet your clinical needs and budget. Start with just a microphone and the FREE software then purchase additional modules as and when required. Flexibility. Plugs directly into virtually any Windows® PC or laptop, eliminating the need for specialised computer equipment. Ease of use. Designed specifically for use in a busy clinical environment with focus on usability. Efficiency. Reduces the need to learn and maintain multiple instruments since everything is available in a single system with a consistent look and feel. Data accessibility. Keep your clinical data in a central place rather than distributed over several systems. Simplifies data management and backups. more info >>
We are a private out-patient mental health clinic that has been offering customized affordable therapy & counseling services to adults, children, adolescents, couples, and families on the Main Line of Philadelphia PA since 1996. Our highly educated clinical directors have over five decades of combined experience. Our mission is simply to improve your quality of life. We recognize that many of us struggle from time to time with the day-to-day challenges of everyday life. Our licensed therapists emphasize efficient, affordable, solution-oriented therapy and counseling services that seek to make a noticeable improvement to your quality of life. We will help you clarify your problems, guide you in your choice of appropriate action, and make you comfortable with the prospect of change. more info >>
Hypnosis in Glasgow. Specialising in weight loss, insomnia and anxiety treatment. Based in Glasgow City Centre and Glasgow's West End. With Experienced, caring hypnotherapist Jennifer Teale. Average treatment length is 3 sessions. Personalised hypnosis recordings for each client. 30 minute free consultation is available prior to hypnotherapy. Smoking cessation hypnotherapy carried out in one session, with a top-up session included in the treatment price. Weight loss and gastric band hypnosis available. Anxious clients put at ease. Sessions carried out in comfortable therapy rooms, 1 minute's walk from Queen Street Station and in Park Circus in Glasgow's West End with ample parking available. more info >>
Areva Med is an AREVA subsidiary working on the research against the cancer. By developing innovative processes to produce lead-212, Areva Med contributes to the fight against the cancer. This rare isotope offers promising perspectives to fight, notably, ovarian, pancreatic, colon, prostate, breast and other cancers. Areva Med has two missions: Industrialize the production of the lead-212 and Develop effective therapies to fight the cancer. The treatment by alpha radioimmunotherapy shows great potential to fight certain fatal diseases like breast, ovarian, pancreatic, prostate and colon cancer. The medical subsidiary of AREVA leads experiments to extract rare isotope through its Research and Development programs. more info >>