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Shiny Grey - Where Women Are Always Beautiful
At Shiny Grey you can find some very funny misogynistic jokes, gossips or reviews of TV Series like Ally Mcbeal or Off the Map. And if it makes you smile, I collect misogynistic jokes and misogynistic ads because it happens to walk into a lady and to become one mysogynist for a second. And in that second the misogynistic jokes make a lot of sense. For me the misogynistic jokes are really funny. Since the unemployment rate start climbing and loneliness is very frequent I will tell a thing or two about ways to make money online. The economical crisis may still be one of the biggest factors that influences our lifestyle and relationships, so we need to adapt to this new life style somehow. Who knows? Maybe if we work together the world would be a better place someday. more info >>
Cesar Crash - Subversivo e Marginal is a Brazilian blog that preaches against capitalism, consumerism, globalization, media, police and other themes. It uses illustrations mixing Christian themes and biblical texts to illustrate the current news in politics and science. It`s owner is firmely convinced that against poverty, unemployment, hunger and all other social problems, all the rules that the government impose on people are tottaly innocuous, if all human beings learn to love one anotherother. He does not believe in reconciliation of Christian and libertarian ideas, therefore a conciliation is unnecessary due to the libertarian character of the authentic Christianity. more info >>
The Home Job, started this year in May. After watching the news and hearing about many people losing their jobs and getting unemployment my heart was telling me to do something to help these types of people. We now have the home job which provides legit work at home jobs that allow you to work from your home. The jobs we provide allow you to talk on the phone to customers or allow you to do tasks and make money from it. We also like to write articles that give you ideals on how to make money online if you are not really into working from home. more info >>
Here you will have a chance to earn extra income just by posting ads for fortune 500 companies. It`s just that simple. You can choose to work a standard full time hours portion or minimal part time hours it is totally up to you. Just remember you will get out of this what you decide to put into it. is the site you can apply if you have any questions let me know. Everyday people are making money so what are you waiting for you can be making extra money also on a daily bases. We pay daily is help to assist you in the times we are in with high gas prices and unemployment at a all time high. This is a opportunity that you don`t want to pass up to hear about it from your friends that have applied and are making money right now. more info >>
More Than Just Survive - What Is Money?
Inflation, national debt, banking troubles, economic problems and unemployment. Times have changed and we must change with the times in order to thrive. Smart and aware people are using this climate to buy silver. We are using this climate to buy silver AND make money. Have American Silver Eagle Coins delivered to your door. Spread the word about this incredible way to have silver and profit. We have gold and silver bullion products in stock and more is arriving. Don't wait for Silver and Gold to skyrocket. You will get your own web site and online store. Accept credit cards automatically. Don't join vitamin, cell phone, lotion or potion businesses. Join Gold and Silver. Join us now! more info >>