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Moving can be tough. Moving your entire home plus your vehicle is even tougher. If you want to get your car from one state to another (or from one country to another), you have two options. You can either drive your car long distance, and hope that you arrive at the same time your boxes do. Or, you can call a professional auto moving company. United Auto Transport is one company that can handle shipping any vehicle from one location to another. This transport company can even ship you car, truck, or SUV from one country to another. Leaving your current home is hard, but you don’t have to leave your vehicle behind. more info >>
Offering vehicle sourcing services to retail, business and trade customers, we can find any vehicle you want helping our clients drive the vehicles they really want to drive. With options to outright purchase and to lease or finance. Any vehicle anywhere in the world. Including used and new, leased, financed, outright purchased as well as exotic and rare cars. We also specialise in left hand drive vehicles for import to and from the UK. We offer a high level service that puts you, the customer first, not only getting you the vehicle you want but a great deal at the same time. more info >>
We all want our cars to look good. But what if you do not have the time or knowledge to make that happen? Then get a valeter or detailer to bring the sparkle back to your car. Shine My Ride is a directory dedicated to listing valeting and detailing services in all areas of the UK. Whether it is England, Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales we probably have a valeter or detailer listed. Does your paintwork look dull and full of tiny scratches. Chuck your sponge and chamois in the bin, and let the professionals work their magic on your vehicle. more info >>
Towing Breakdown Service complimented with NCT, DOE & Service Repairs Collection Service. My Business is based in Killaloe Just off the N7 between Nenagh and Limerick providing surrounding areas ith an affordable Towing Service and I also provide a collection service for NCT, DOE Tests and service repairs collection. IF you have a pre appointed NCT, DOE or if you have booked your car, van or jeep for a service with your Main Dealer/Garage I will collect it from you at home or at work and return to you when Test or Maintenance is complete. I am also available to Tow vehicles anywhere in Ireland at very competitive rates. more info >>
Window tinting provides your vehicle some measure of protection from the sun’s destructive rays. It creates a permanent form of a barrier on your car's windows, to keep your vehicle’s interior and the outside world separated. Most car manufacturers now produce cars with high-grade leather and suede interior options, and obviously, you want to keep your automotive investment as pristine as possible. Because of this, it becomes increasingly crucial to protect your interior from fading, hardening and cracking. By installing window tinting on your windows, your car interior will stay cooler, protecting your dashboard, seats, carpets, floor mats, vinyl, and leather. In addition to keeping your car looking nicer, your air conditioner won’t need to work as hard upon starting it, saving fuel and extending the life of the AC unit installed in your vehicle. When it comes to making upgrades on your car, adding window tinting is one of the most popular upgrades car owners can do. By adding aftermarket window tinting, your vehicle is not only provided with extra comfort and security, but the value of your car, truck, or SUV is also increased. Don't just call anybody. Xtreme Tint uses only quality window tinting and we pride ourselves on expert installation creating and maintaining a factory showroom look for your vehicle. more info >>
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