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There have been countless articles and books written on the role society plays in business and how countless ethical and social issues have shaped the way we do business in America. There is truly no way to divide the two in this day and age since each shapes the other. Everyone is familiar with happened with Enron and how Wall Street helped destroy the economy in the 21st Century. These are recent issues, but these types of unethical business situations have helped shape how our society operates to a large degree. When business creates money and money drives what we do and how we interact socially there is no way to separate the two no matter how hard you may try. The way you work for someone or run your own business shapes others’ opinions of you – whether wrong or right. In our directory on business and society, we will offer you information as basic as how businesses are started and run initially to information as complex as how a business owner must make decisions during growth phase and how those decisions affect their standing in society. We will also offer up links to true life stories of businesses that were either hailed or condemned by society based on their actions and how those actions helped shape future businesses. Our directory on the influence of society on business, and vice versa, will answer all the questions you have about socioeconomic status and how those statuses are created.
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