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The construction and maintenance is how the world gets built and how it all stays in working order. It’s easy for homeowners and businesses to take the roofs over our heads for granted, but when something goes awry at your neighbors home or in the news, it’s hard not to appreciate the expertise and professionalism of a skilled builder or contractor. Our Construction and Maintenance directory—which is part of our Business directory—is dedicated to helping you find the best commercial contractors, home renovators, restoration experts, landscaping consultants and other essential professionals within the construction and maintenance industry to keep your structures safe, sound and beautiful. And if you already wok within the Construction and Maintenance business, this directory will give you valuable insight into this exciting growth industry.
There are two main outward facing facets of construction and maintenance: building and renovation. Both are important undertakings that add value to our communities, our homes and the enjoyment of the spaces which we occupy throughout the day. The rise of home improvement shows on TLC and HGTV speak to the complexity and inspiration required to take a blank canvas or a lost cause and make it relevant, functional and aesthetically appealing. This is a large part of what the Construction and Maintenance industry is all about. Drawing upon principals of architecture, physics and design—as well as adhering to state, local and federal building codes and safety standards—builders and renovators take raw materials and turn them into something permanent, useful and attractive to behold from the street or from within. So take some time to poke around our Construction and Maintenance directory—whether you’re looking for a job within the industry or looking to give someone a job, this is a great place to start.

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