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Objective Audio, located in Lancaster, California, specializes in custom audio inferfacing, pro audio repair, tube amp repair, power amp repair, repairing and adding life to vintage audio equipment, and custom audio design. We have over 40 years experience in repairing, modifying and building pro audio equipment for some of the most demanding clients throughout the world. If you have high end audio equipment in need of interfacing or a special audio project you need help with, Objective Audio would love to help. We make weekly pickups and deliveries to the Burbank/Glendale/Hollywood area. Objective Audio, dedicated to the science in audio. more info >>
Car audio shop in Racine,WI. We do window tint, car alarm installations, Car audio installations and more. We have a vast selection of custom wheels, tires, rims and more!!! We also carry a very good selection of accessories as well. We also do boats, RV's, motorcycles as well. We also do installs of custom grills. Stereo City also has a very vast selection of speakers for both cars and marine applications. Stereo City also does custom installs of L.E.D. lighting as well. If your looking for the absolute most fabulous installations for all your audio needs. Rest assured that your satisfaction twill be guaranteed. more info >>
An era of involvement in comprehensively recognized quality and ceaseless development, these are the primary qualities that portray the Blaupunkt brand. During the 1920s Blaupunkt still had another name. In 1923 the "Perfect" organization was established in Berlin. It originally created earphones. Each and every thing was painstakingly tried by experts and named with a quality image – the blue point. It didn't take some time before clients basically requested the blue point – earphones. The quality image had transformed into an exchange mark. In 1938 it in the long run turned into the organization's name. Blaupunkt Audio India german brand more info >>
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