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Business cooperatives are put together by savvy businessman as a way to increase revenue for everyone involved. Instead of being solely responsible for a business venture it can sometimes be mutually beneficial for multiple individuals to create a cooperative identity. There are cooperatives in industries ranging from food to real estate to banking and consumer products. These co-ops are owned and controlled in part by each owner based on the decided upon parameters of the business agreement. These part owners are each members of the cooperative and can serve as employees, figure heads or simply money backers that live behind the scenes. For the most part, American cooperatives are non-capital stock corporations that operate under state laws based on where the co-op was put together. In our directory on business cooperatives you will be given resources to help you start a co-op no matter which state you may live in. We will make sure you understand all the laws behind creating a co-op and what the benefits can be. You will also find links to all the current major cooperatives in the United States and the major countries around the world to get an idea of how they operate. We will also provide information on cooperatives that have failed and point out the details as to why they were not successful whether it was because of poor ownership or a faulty business model. Whatever you may need in reference to business cooperatives – you will find it in our directory.
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