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The word “culture” is not an easy word to define. Culture may be part of who you are, who your parents are, or where you live. Culture can also be defined as your ethnic background. There are millions of different cultures throughout the world. Everyone belongs to some kind of culture, whether or not most people realize it. Simply living in North America breeds a certain kind of culture. Belonging to a group of people who share like-minded thoughts can be considered another kind of culture. Of course, there’s always counter-culture. People who are part of a counter-culture tend to go against the things that everyone else is saying and thinking. If you want to belong to a particular culture, all you really have to do is find people who think like you do. You might be a part of a culture right now!

It’s also fascinating to learn about other cultures. Some cultures live lives that are so far from the life you live right now that learning about these cultures can open up your eyes to a whole new world. We think cultures are interesting too. That’s why we gather and publish information about cultures on our website. On our Culture Directory page, you will find lots of details about various cultures, links, and other bits of information. The Internet holds a lot of information about cultures that you can explore. From dance to food to everything in-between, cultures of all kinds are interesting. Find out more about your own culture, explore the cultures that your grandparents belonged to, or learn about a different culture. If you find people curious, then you’ll love researching various cultures. Who knows, you may even discover something about yourself that you never knew before!
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