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IRTC Infrared Thermal Consultancy prides them in offering predictive Thermographic services. All fault repaired in a planed manner will be a faction of the cost apossed to letting it break down costing thousands in lost production, downtime, wages, insurance excesses, injury claims etc. Infrared thermography is the only diagnostic technology that allows you instant visualization and verification of thermal performance by screening out anomalies and allowing the thermographer to quantify the survey with pinpoint accuracy, in a non-contact / destructive image and temperature measurement, documenting anomalies in seconds with professional easy-to-create PDF reports. By having an active thermographic predictive program as part of the maintenance program, the findings can help save companies money and time by helping to eliminate unplanned equipment outages and costly repair costs, not to mention business disruptions. more info >>
American Business and Information Center was established in Bulgaria by two people who are both Bulgarian and American citizens. The goal of the organization is promotion of American values and American way of living, help Bulgarians willing to live, work or study in the United States, as well as help Bulgarians who wish to establish a franchise business of reliable US companies in Bulgaria. Connect with USA also handles a circle of USA friends and schedules meetings of Americans who live in Bulgaria and Bulgarians who used to live in the USA and now reside back in their native country. more info >>
Give More provides motivational and inspirational material for companies, schools, staffs and for personal use. The intent is to introduce people to our themes that are designed to maximize your positive impact on the world and each other. We're here to make good things happen for other people. Our themes have been used by thousands of companies and can be implemented in school, work and life. Give more Enjoy More. Meetings and discussions are an opportunity. They're how we connect, how we learn, how we encourage, and how we inspire. We love what we do and want to share that with every company, household and school that has meetings. We want our meetings to influence people, to be kinder, work harder and challenge themselves to be better and stronger in everything they do. more info >>
We offer a feedback survey service which allows you to find out exactly what your clients think of your company. An independent third party survey is invaluable to your business. It allows you the opportunity to adapt your business model or services to make the most of what your customers are looking for from you. We can develop a question template specifically for you. This enables you to concentrate on any areas of concern, or we also have standard templates which will gather an overall assessment of your performance in your customer’s opinion. We conduct the survey on your behalf via email links and telephone calls. we can highlight areas of strength and more importantly weakness. more info >>
Customer service profiles has many solutions for businesses looking for help improving the experience that customers have with them and their products. Another part of a good customer experience is having the right analytics and CSP offers industry leading experts that will help you get where you want to be. Coaching and training is another key part of improving customer experience and doing that along with the right research is something they also offer. Whether you are a large or small company, there is a need to improve your approach with customers and CSP is an industry leader in the field. more info >>
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