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Communication and Speaking
You may be well qualified, have good grades or be experienced, but is your accent or the way you speak English holding you back? According to a recent study, a majority of employment recruiters discriminate against candidates on the basis of non-standard accents, often without even realising it. Now two online courses, based at the ecentre at Massey University are available to help people gain confidence through clear English speech that makes the right impression or to learn the techniques of persuasive communication. SpeechSchool.TV has worked with a large number of students around the world who access their online video training and assessment system through their website ( The School says it has had excellent results with people wanting to soften their accents and speak in clear, Standard English. more info >>
Communication skills
When you master communication skills you become master of your universe. This ebook includes ten positive, communication skills with hundreds of examples that support an easy and fast learning experience. What makes this approach different than all others is one principle that 'tests' each message you create to make sure it works. Effective communication is essential for career advancement. The ability to listen, exchange ideas, and show respect for our listener is a cornerstone of healthy relationships at home. When you start winning at work (with good communication skills) others around you don't lose; they win too. Good communication promotes good will. It's important to be able to share an opposing idea without alienating friends and co-workers. Mastering communication has far reaching personal rewards that last a lifetime. more info >>
10,000+ Speech Topics
There are three Golden Rules for developing good speech topics. First of all, you - the public speaker - have to like the subject. You need to know something about the issue of your choice, or have warm feelings for the the theme. For example speeches based on issues in your personal or professional life will cause credibility and authority. Secondly, tie the general message of your speech topic to the audience. Check who they are - do some backgroud research on the demographics of your listeners. E.g. age, gender, education, occupation. The information makes it easier for you to relate your central idea to their needs, opinions and interests. And thirdly, your speech have to fit the assignment rules and the occasion setting. For example think about the time schedule, the place of delivery or the exact task words in your assignment instruction. Public speaking coach and author Jim Peterson helps you to meet these Golden Rules. He has developed more than 10,000 ideas for speech topics, and created how to tutorials for students and business speakers. The checklists of Jim’s Speech Topics Help site are used in many educational and business training classes. more info >>
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Perfect English is an IELTS preparation centre in Melbourne, Australia, providing intensive training courses to prospective candidates of the IELTS exam. Perfect English's 4 week intensive IELTS preparation course provides training in all four modules of the IELTS exam - reading, writing, speaking and listening. This training will be of benefit to anybody who is looking to get the best chance possible of achieving the IELTS band score they need for university admission or the visa they are seeking. Small class sizes are guaranteed, with a maximum of ten students per class, and all teachers are previous IELTS examiners, giving them valuable insights into the exam. more info >>
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