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We are looking for any chance that we can work together in long term sincere biz cooperation partnership. We are a renowned multi-layer PCB manufacturer located in South China. Our local and export biz and experience to European and American countries have been successful for more than 15 years; we do understand what our customers’ needs and we are confident to provide you our multi-layer PCBs with good quality. All of our PCBs meet UL, IPC and RoHS internationally recognized standards, while our pricing is real reasonable with good quality of goods. What we can do as follows: 1) 2 to 16 mulit-layer PCBs, High-complex Boards with HDI laser drill, and 1 to 4-layer Aluminum or Copper based PCBs which comply to RoHS, IPC, UL requirements; 2) All kinds of surface treatment of H.A.S.L. lead-free, O.S.P., Gold plating, Immersion gold, immersion silver, Peelable mask, Gold finger, Carbon ink, etc.; 3) Prototypes of quick turn; High-mix order with middle or small volume. And We don`t have min. quantity requirement. We do look forward to working with you as a partner and providing you our professional PCB fabrication services in the long run. more info >>
Kingford PCB Electronics Co., Ltd. is a Chinese PCB manufacturer located in southern China with good quality guaranteed at reasonable pricing. What we can do: - 2 to 30-layer PCBs, FR-4, HDI, Aluminum based PCBs with various surface treatments such as O.S.P., Immersion Gold, Gold Plated, HASL, lead free, RoHS Compliance; - High-Mix, Medium or Low-Volume orders, Quick-turn Prototype. Why choose us: - Premium professional PCB fabrication support and services to all oversea customers all over the world with over 12 years exporting experience and we do understand what quality requirements our customers need; - Much more reasonable and competitive pricing than local market in China when compared with our good quality; - Short lead time, we can even support quick turn job too if needed; - Perfect manufacturing system and quality control system with ISO9001-2000 and ISO14001-2004 approved, UL certification, SPC system, RoHS Compliance, etc.. - Do not have Min Order Quantity, even 1 piece is acceptable. more info >>
Prelogtech electronic components
Prelogtech is a stocking supplier of hard to find electronic components. The site features a quick search with over 13 million parts in the data base. The company is ISO 9001:2008 certified and ships to Oem`s, Cm`s, military, and others since 1993. Search for electronic parts fast and easy. You will find relays, switches, connectors, semiconductors, memory, xilinx, and altera parts in seconds. Prelogtech speacializes in Obsolete, long leadtime, and hard to find components. Prelogtech sells high quality parts to its customers for immediate price and delivery try the free search application. Your source for electronic parts in seconds. more info >>
LightingPlus can maximize your efficiency and reduce your energy costs with our commercial and industrial lighting services. We will custom-design your energy-efficient lighting solutions and controls, starting with a cost and benefit analysis. We work with government organizations, universities, and corporations (State of Michigan, Federal Mogul Sears, Siemens, University of Michigan, and, Delphi, among others) to design and manage LightingPlus` energy-efficient lighting solutions. From initial audit to paperwork to installation, we help you do what is needed to transform your lighting, and make energy management both profitable and competitive. Our lighting projects have included manufacturing facilities, warehouses, hospitals, public buildings, universities, parking decks, parking lots, automotive shops, and commercial buildings. We partner with respected manufacturers of fluorescent, LED, and HID lighting fixtures and retrofit kits, enabling us to bring you cost-efficient, state-of-the-art lighting solutions. more info >>
Digicomponents is a global premier independent distributor of electronic components, specializing in obsolete, hard-to-find, long lead time as well as discontinued parts with the highest quality and great selection. After years of development, we have established offices in the United States, Canada, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and Ningbo, which ensure our localized work force and deep market penetration. In addition, we cooperate with world-famous original parts manufacturers and their authorized distributors, along with major OEM, EMS worldwide, including Panasonic, Sanyo, Toshiba, ROHM, etc. Therefore, if you choose us, you will be provided with the highest quality products and the best service. more info >>
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