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Electronic Control Devices
Apollo smoke detector with the Electronics Control Devices is the advanced version of any normal smoke detector. This system is the integration of alarm flag, alarm address, XPERT card, electronic free base, etc. Being elegantly designed and with a slide easy base this system is also very easy to install.The Apollo smoke detector XP95 is developed after careful research. The product has undergone rigorous test to ensure it met both European and Indian environment. This is an intelligent system and is quite compatible with a wide range of control panel. Refer to Apollo publication, PP1039 to know more.In the incident of a fire, your system will use the Apollo fire panel to notify the fire department. This system developed by Electronics Control Devices is complemented with Windows-based, full upload/download PC software package, user friendly controls and a clear explicit screen.
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Electronic & Pneumatic Control, Apollo fire panel, electronic control devices, in Mumbai, India
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Tuesday 10, 2012
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