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“Get a job.” That’s easier said than done. Employment is the Holy Grail for any functional member of society. Gainful employment is how many of us measure our self worth, and getting a job and earning a decent salary or a wage is the culmination of all of those years of education, extracurricular pursuits and networking. But in spite of all the time and attention we lavish upon the noble pursuit of becoming employed, landing an auspicious career still holds a heavy element of serendipity. It’s about meeting the right people, being in the right place at the right time and being willing and able to rise to a challenge when called upon. And the key to getting in front of opportunity so it benefits you is to stay persistent, diligent and earnest.
Our Employment subcategory in our Business directory is filled with resources that will help you do just that. Whether you’re polishing up your resume or mounting a job search by industry or by region, our Employment directory makes an excellent place to start your research. We’ve gathered useful links, websites, job postings and other resources from around the web, including companies and articles focusing on outplacement, public sector employment, recruiting companies, recruitment and staffing, resume services, self-employment—you name it. They call it a job hunt for reason—it takes a lot of searching and an astute eye for opportunity. We hope that you’ll have better luck and brighter horizons thanks to the resources in our Employment directory.
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