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Energy is all around us. Yet, many people never think about using natural energy to power farms, cities and other parts of the globe. We are always thinking about natural energy. That’s why we’ve created a unique wind turbine that you are going to love. If you’ve been thinking about installing wind turbines, come and look at our products. We offer the best wind turbines available, and our turbines are affordable too. We invite you to visit our site, look at our products, and contact us for more information. Wind is all around us – why not harness this energy? more info >>
We are Australia's largest independent installer of residential solar panel systems, so call us for your solar needs on 1300 222324, Australia-wide. Our solar products are accredited to industry standard, including solar panels and solar inverters, and accredited electricians perform solar installation. We guarantee the cheapest prices. We have installed over 6,000 solar systems and we have 10,000 customers throughout Australia. Check out our website for information about our photovoltaic PV solar panels and inverters as well as a handy calculator to determine the savings you can expect from the package that you choose. True Value Solar offers Australia’s best value when it comes to solar power. more info >>
Our company provides efficient solutions for the construction, development and implementation of photovoltaic parks and systems based on resources of renewable energy. We distribuite a wide range of solar panels, inverters and structure for open land photovoltaic installations. We also provide with a complete service pack including consulting, engineering and construction for photovoltaic projects. Our company main objective is to become national lider in the development of turnkey photovoltaic parks. Our company's team is very professional and delivers high end solutions for your projects, including maintenance and management for the systems functionality. You can also invest in our already existing photovoltaic projects. more info >>
Get 230 volt and DC energy in your van, lorry, cottage or yacht with a lithium battery based 'generator'. The 230V Lithium Power Supply (LPS) works as a green generator without any use of fossil fuel, is silent and has zero exhaust. The Lithium Power Supply can be charged from the alternator in van or yacht but also by mains grid. The green 'generator' has a built-in inverter for 230V/50Hz pure sine wave output and can supply with up to 2500W. A green 'generator' based on lithium ion batteries has a long lifetime time compared to lead acid batteries, up to 3000 cycles and can operate and be charged in small steps without any loss. more info >>
Here at Bioenergy Technology Ltd we supply, install, commission and repair biomass boilers. Biomass boiler are boilers that run on wood fuel such as wood pellets, wood chip and log. The benefits of using wood fuel (biomass) is that it is a lot cheaper than gas, oil and LPG. Biomass is also better for the environment as it is a renewable energy source. It has been in the news recently that big energy firms are raising gas prices, this gives even more of a reason to switch to biomass. We specialise in biomass boilers, wood burning stoves and combination boilers. more info >>
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