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Estate Planning
TomCoxLaw provides living trusts and estate plans. A living trust is important because if you die with just a will (or with nothing), your assets will have to ensure probate. Probate is a court process where the Judge hears from your relatives and assigns assets to different family members. These asset assignments may or may not be what you want. For instance, if you`ve recently been remarried, there`s a good chance your new wife may get everything. What about the kids from your first marriage? They may end up with nothing. Even worse is that probate can take up to 2 years and every secret private detail about your family is made public. It also creates a family feud atmosphere where relatives become enemies. This bitterness may last a lifetime. To add insult to injury, it`s also very expensive and can cost up to $30,000. This entire fiasco can be avoided with a living trust and that`s exactly what TomCoxLaw helps you accomplish. more info >>
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