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Financial Consultants is the website to help you to find the way to get out of debt. We offer best services and you can get cash fast and easy. The process is fast and easy. Just less than 1 hour. Don`t worry we can help everyone and solve every problem you have. What`s you waiting for? Get out of debt now! No Faxing No credit or bad credit is no problem. Every one suppose to out of debt fast. is the best online debt manager. Just get in the link and the rest is us. Don`t wasting your time by searching around. We are the best! more info >>
Malsor specialise in Contingency fee Accounts Payable recovery auditing (no recovery, no fee, no cost to you!). Malsor’s business is recovering overpayments incorrectly made to our clients’ suppliers, identifying the Procure to Pay (P2P) process deficiencies that allow these payments and advising how your processes could be improved to reduce future risk and cash leakage. Malsor is committed to providing, using our extensive experience, a professional, reliable service, operating with the utmost integrity when dealing with your suppliers. Maintaining your supplier relationships is of paramount importance to us. Our aim is to serve you on the basis of a trusted advisor. All work (error identification and verification, compiling relevant supporting documentation, real root cause determination and contacting the supplier to correct the error) is done by Malsor. more info >>
Management Of Receivables
Within the first 60 days of an account being past due, I recommend my clients do all they can internally with a small, efficient, effective debt collection team. Don`t make the mistake of repeating the same process over and over again expecting different results. After performing your internal procedures during the first 60 days, any receivable still uncollected should be turned over to a 3rd party agency utilizing a fixed fee not a contingent fee. When utilizing a Fixed Fee, companies may include the fixed fee onto the receivable owed to their company resulting in free collections. The result is a reduction in your internal collection costs and bad debt. Along with an increase in Accounts Receivables Turnover, Days Sales Outstanding and Cash Flow! more info >>
Sasal & Company announced the launch of, inexpensive financial analysis and consultancy web application designed for small business owners. Alphadore analyzes financial statements according to essential ratios, key performance indicators, and standard industry benchmarks., which can be accessed online for $39, makes it easy for small business owners to understand current financial position, compare with competitors, and access tools to make progressive business decisions, for a fraction of the typical consultancy fee. Using Alphadore is simple. Users input standard line items from company balance sheets and income statements, run the software, and immediately receive a report that contains 20 pages of information and analysis on the health of their company. Interpreting balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements can be challenging and confusing for a small business owner, but a clever and insightful analysis of them can either light the path to higher profits or predict and prevent a potential bankruptcy, says co-founder H. Deniz Sasal.’s industry benchmark data comes from public resources, government records and business data collected from companies or libraries in North America, Australia, New Zealand, The United Arab Emirates and The United Kingdom. more info >>
MLM provides financial solutions to businesses and individuals across Scotland. They have experts on hand that can quickly deal with your financial problem and find a solution that suits your needs. MLM solutions can offer advice on debt arrangement schemes, full and final settlement, sequestration (bankruptcy) and a variety of other types of debt problems. MLM Solutions are based in Glasgow but also has offices in Livingston, near Edinburgh. There are two sides to their business, the personal debt solutions side and the corporate solutions side. For more information, visit their website today. more info >>
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