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Pension Transfer 247
Listed: Pension Transfer 247
Would you like to receive a cash lump sum of up to 50% of the equivalent value of your private pension fund(s)? Pension Transfer 247 would like to introduce you to two unique and very exciting pension transfer products that allow individuals to gain early access to a cash lump sum using their pension savings. Obviously, it can be very tempting to access a cash lump sum using your savings before retirement, however it is only right to point out that doing so is rarely in your long term financial interests. Make sure you weigh up the pro`s and cons and consider both your short and long term future while making this decision. However, your existing pension may be languishing in poorly performing funds with no supervision or monitoring, and in some extreme cases may even be whittling away because of charges that are being extracted. Visit us now for more information.
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Monday 05, 2011
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