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The EZEE product team would like to introduce a exciting new product to you. The product is newly developed and manufactured in South Africa very attractive , effective and highly profitable all a successful business man wants. The company that runs and supply all the duty free shops at all South African airports and the curio shops in our National parks saw the product and immediately accepted and add us on their vendor list and ordered the product. They realised the potential after seeing the product. More about the product: We have had a mould made up to our specifications to be able to offer unique EZEE packaging. The jar is split in two sections. The one section is filled with a very strong ointment that helps with most everyday ailments found in Africa ZEBRA. ZEBRA (yellow in colour) have no less than 8 natural plant extracts as reactive ingredient. It is use for scrape wounds, insect bites, chapped lips, cold sores, burns, general itching etc. The product also keeps flies , mosquitoes and other insects away. The other section is filled with ELEPHANT (white in colour) it is a very effective barrier cream that treats dry skin, elbows, knees, heels, hands, nappy rash etc. The product is very popular in Africa where people do a lot of hard labour with their hands. The product have 7 natural plant extracts as reactive ingredients to give excellent results. The product is of superior quality and a 1st in Africa. The customer gets natural plant extracts and the best quality compared to all other similar products with the benefit that both these popular products come in one container. The is very competitively priced compared to other similar products. The container is brightly coloured with a very attractive label to attract customers to the product. The design represent Africa in the form of a sunset with a Camel thorn tree Elephant and Zebra. Our oversees visitors are so impressed with the Africa design that they buy the product not just for the contents but they also keep the container as a curio from Africa. more info >>
Aquanimity is a Beauty Therapist based in Kent Providing lots and lots of treatments to provide amazing amounts of total relaxation. This can be from my own home or from the comfort of your own home as I am mobile. Please contact me for Waxing; Massage and other great holistic treatments. I have recently completed a course in Pregnancy Massage so if your expecting give me a call. In addition to this I have performed Baby massage too. Restrictions do apply but give me a call and I will talk you through the process. If you live in kent then my business is perfect for you. I can be mobile but not too mobile. I think Aquanimity would draw the line at France. If your in Maidstone your defiantly in my areas covered. more info >>
Pencig is an electronic cigarette company based in Edinburgh Scotland UK specialized in the sales of electronic cigarettes, disposable cigarettes e liquids and accessories for e cigs: batteries clearomizers. We help thousands of people to quit smoking and start a healthier living. Buy e cigarettes and e liquids in our online shop or visit our vape stores personally in Edinburgh. Wide range of electronic cigarettes and eliquids. Try our EU made e juices. Now organic flavors available. Great taste 100% vegetable glycerin. Pencig- future of smoking. Do not hesitate and check out our e cigarette online store. more info >>
Morbid Careers is an informational website dedicated to the pursuit of careers in the death services industry. We feature information on the educational and licensing requirements for becoming professional in morbid careers such as embalming and funeral directing. We have resources specific to the United States, and have detailed lists for the requirements in each individual state. We are always adding new content, with a blog section in the beginning stages. We hope to connect people interested in a morbid career path with the career that suits them best. We hope that in the future we will expand to cover more and more career paths that suit our audience best. more info >>
Baltimore Orthopedic Massage is a medical massage clinic in Bel Air, Md. We work on Orthopedic issues, Sports issues and medical conditions. Patients come to us after having been diagnosed with everything ranging from carpal tunnel syndrome to whiplash and piriformis syndrome. Making Baltimore Orthopedic Massage part of your health team means your everyone is on the same page.Primary care physicians, chiropractors, orthopedic surgeons or anyone else helping you is your health team. Everyone has a specialty, ours is how muscles, ligaments and fascia relate to each other. We still need you to see your other providers - we work together to help you. We only use evidence based therapies and have been working in this field long enough to see most problems. more info >>
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