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Data Recovery Services
FlashDrivePros LLC is a Seattle based data recovery lab providing recovery from solid-state memory devices such as USB flash drives, SSDs and camera cards. They serve a global market with low-cost flash drive recovery by mail and provide component level repair and recovery of all types of physically damaged NAND memory devices. Their services are flat-rate and there is no fee if they cannot recover your files. If R-TT’s data recovery software doesn’t work because the drive is physically damaged, just ship your drive to FlashDrivePros and download your files from their secure service a few days later. They also offer secure cloud storage, high-speed flash drives, and flash drive backup software. more info >>
We specialize in automatic backup of your crucial data by our proprietary software that encrypts your data before transmitting to out to our data centres. Its works on MOD standards. We offer subscription based service for your PC, Laptop or Server and as a part of the subscription you can view your files from anywhere anytime if you have an internet connection. We offer from an individual who is concerned for his data to SME to corporate businesses. We also offer a free no obligatory telephone discussion in UK. Our service is one of the best online backup services with proper SLA's and SLG (Terms and conditions apply). Visit our website for more details. more info >>
Loss of data can be a major headache especially when you don't know what to do next. We are here to help you get it all back. our data recovery experts based in kampala uganda are able to do a diagnosis on your situation and the give advice. We have recovered data for many clients in uganda from corprates losing data from their servers to individuals losing family photos from their memory cards. Data recovery is our main service and we not only recover data fro you, we offer you a cloud backup solution so you never lose data again in future. All is not lost when we are handling your data. more info >>
In many situations when people lose data, they find themselves in desperate positions so as to recover their data. Some may give their failed device to inexperienced data recovery engineers or some may try to recover the data on their own. In these kind of situations data recovery cannot be guaranteed 100%. We have in some occasions been forced to render a data recovery case unrecoverable because standard data recovery procedures were not followed. We are always ready to give free consultation when your device fails either through phone or physical diagnosis across Tanzania. Do not wait for things to get worse, we are here to assist. more info >>
Losing important data is not something that one would anticipate. But when that happens you can always get it back through the help of a credible data recovery company. East Africa Recovery Experts specializes in recovering data regardless of the kind of failure. It maybe a crashed Server, Nas, San, Hard Drive or just a mere formatting of your Flash Drive or Memory Card. We recover data in Kenya and the entire East African region i.e Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Somalia. When you lose data, it is very important for you to contact a data recovery expert before you try anything on your own. This is because you might not follow the right procedures and render the data unrecoverable. more info >>
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