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Discover the iPhone backup location in your PC which will help you to restore your iPhone from backup in case of any unforeseen eventuality.You can easily restore your device by accessing all your lost data from the iPhone backup location in your PC where iTunes stores all the backed up contents of your device. An individual has no role to play in creating such data backups as these data are automatically backed up by iTunes onto a Windows or Mac system prior to an upgrade of the device or during its synchronization. Each time the user connects his iPhone to the computer to synchronize with iTunes, iTunes takes a backup of the entire data on the iPhone first and then moves on to perform the synchronizing tasks. But the real problem lies elsewhere. Apple has tried it’s best to hide from the user’s view the default iPhone backup location. A user, therefore, faces difficulty to access the backed up data in his attempt to restore iPhone from backup in case of loss of essential contents from his device for any reason. more info >>
Outlandish Labs is an Atlanta, Georgia based software consultancy and training organization. Specializing in full stack web application development in Ruby on Rails and mobile development for the Android and iOS platforms, Outlandish Labs is committed to bringing dreams to life. In 2014 Outlandish Labs expanded its purpose, creating classes in Ruby, Javascript and Go catered toward new developers and recent graduates. With a new focus on education Outlandish Labs is providing a roadmap to the future of web development to students from all walks of life. We're dedicated to the belief that everyone who wants to be a software engineer, should have the tools and help they need to learn. more info >>
We provide audiovisual solutions to schools and businesses. Our flagship product is the Clevertouch range of interactive touchscreens, revolutionising classroom learning and coming packed with software and educational apps. With Clevertouch, lessons will never be boring again. Clevertouch boards are the most advanced interactive touchscreens currently available. We also sell interactive whiteboards, SMART flat panels, and other audiovisual products such as digital signage solutions and visitor management systems. We are unique because we will come and install the boards quickly and efficiently, train your staff and provide extensive after sale support. We have collected dozens of testimonials from schools and businesses commending our professionalism. more info >>
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