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Commodity Share Tips
Commodity Share tips is a group of professionals with intense experience especially in the field of Technical Analysis & Fundamental Analysis. We are providing this service for last 5 years. Our team of analysts/traders is one of the best team in the industry which consist of members having experience of more than 10 years in this field. Our Experts are involved in managing different Mutual Fund schemes, FII`s and other big buyers who are amongst the major influencers of market.We offer diversified range of services as per the investment requirements for an investor, trader or a broker. We assure more than 90% accuracy in our recommendations and provide online and telephonic assistance round the clock for 24 hours in a trade day. We provide Tips Live through SMS and Chat room. Our SMS facility is very accurate & fast ensuring the instant delivery of Message without any loss of time. So, clients get enough time to enter into the trade and fetch the profit. If you are a Stock and Commodity Trader then you have found the right place. Join us to be a smart investor & make your investment safe. more info >>
We provide key-macro-economic indicator for countries and entire region of the major economy. The entire sphere of our Consensus forecast is provided to paid subscriber on a monthly basis. Those reports we provide for more than 70 countries in Asia, Europe and the Americas. FocusEconomics is based in Barcelona, Spain, and is supported by an extensive global network of analysts.Our report might therefore be interesting for your Economy/Business related actions as they outline all the macroeconomic indicators, show economic trends within the specific region gives you the opportunity to compare, and as we have the largest panel with economic experts, you can depend on reliable economic projections. more info >>
This is a finance blog focusing on the FX Markets (foreign exchange). Keep up to date with this weekly recap and discussion of FX price movements, including chart analysis and trade setups. Each week we aim to provide insight into price analysis as well as forecasting of upcoming direction and targets. If you follow the FX markets or just have an interest, then this is for you. Covering the majors, each discussion includes a detailed overview of price movement (following a one hour chart) accompanied by illustrated charts showing with trade suggestions, as well as pinpointing upcoming levels for the week ahead. more info >>
A smart and easy to use investing service tailored for the individual investor who does not have the time or the ability to research or trade around the clock. We offer a time proven investment model which utilizes a proprietary sector rotation and bear market protection strategies. This strategies are fully mechanical and does not need human decision making in the process, in this way we overcome our human tendency to make wrong investment decisions based on fear or greed. Our top down investment process starts with analysis of the market mode, Is it a bull or bear market ? Based on the current market mode we pick our portfolio universe. In bull market we invest only in sector funds and in bear market we invest in treasury funds. In the next stage we use mathematics, statistic, technical analysis and trend following algorithms to spot the funds with the best chances of outperforming market in the near future. We then update our portfolio accordingly and share it with our readers. more info >>
One of the fastest growing personal finance sites focused on investing, real estate, career development and early retirement. Financial Samurai was founded in 2009 during the middle of the financial crisis by a 13 year Wall Street veteran. Sam decided he finally had enough and engineered his layoff in 2012 to dedicate full-time on Financial Samurai. It's not so much how much you make but how much you keep. Financial Samurai helps readers achieve financial freedom sooner, rather than later. Financial Samurai receives over 400,000 pageviews a month and is the leading personal finance blog on the web today. There is heavy amount of discussion in stock research and analysis because the author worked in Equities. more info >>
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